What is the correct spelling for LEARNIED?

This word (Learnied) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spelling for LEARNIED

We think the word learnied is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for learnied

  • cleaned "They was sayin' over to the post office this evening that the young woman that cleaned up the church fair has bought the old Bolton place.
  • darned Say, d'ye see that darned big bass I would have got if the line would of held him?
  • earned By Sunday mornin' he's got 'bout every cent they've earned.
  • land Moreover, it was common land at the start.
  • landed The passengers fortunately landed before the accident, and I will just mention to you the method by which the crew were saved.
  • lander "I guess if you see it, I don't need to," said Lander.
  • leaded I fished it out, all wrinkled and bloated by the heat of the hottest room, and handed it to Raffles with my thumb upon the leaded paragraphs.
  • leafed Ancestral elms over-leafed the roof on the southern side.
  • leander Then Chapman tried an even bolder flight in the same dialect-the continuation of Marlowe's unfinished Hero and Leander.
  • leaner Surely it was a good omen that my fat sheaves had devoured many of their leaner brethren, even though the number was not restricted to seven, as in Pharaoh's dream.
  • learn How did you learn that?
  • learned And is that all you learned?
  • learnedly At noon home to dinner, and so to the office again all the afternoon, and then to Westminster to Dr. Turberville about my eyes, whom I met with: and he did discourse, I thought, learnedly about them; and takes time before he did prescribe me any thing, to think of it.
  • learner "Say, kid," said the ugly, hollow-chested girl beside her, "if I'm goin' to be your learner, I want you to be more particular.
  • learning Therefore each child must be taken by the hand by those already conscious, and led to realize his own consciousness by learning that of his fellows.
  • leased I have leased this piece of ground until to-morrow, and warn you that it'll be mighty uncomfortable if you show your nose here again.
  • leaved Another plant described at length is the hollow-leaved lavender, but it is difficult to identify it from the illustration.
  • leavened Our new wealth is hardly leavened by any tradition of public duty such as lingers among the English nobles, nor as yet by any common custom of devotion to public causes, such as seems to live and grow in the United States.
  • lender Tom was getting to think more of his companion and less of himself every minute, when he was suddenly confronted in the walk by Benjamin, the Jew money-lender, smoking a cigar, and dressed in a gaudy figured satin waistcoat and waterfall of the same material, and resplendent with jewelry.
  • lerner
  • lined
  • weaned
  • Denied She was in a most unhappy mood because she had been denied permission to attend a house-party and she could not bear to be denied anything.
  • Gleaned On steam's almighty tales he wondering looks As witchcraft gleaned from old blackletter books.
  • Lanced Instances have occurred where a band of orcas laid siege to whales in tow, and although frequently lanced and cut with boat spades, made away with their prey.
  • Larded Lisa, as she bent over the counter, with her hand resting on a dish of larded veal, listened to her with the happy face of one who triumphs.
  • Larked
  • Leaked
  • Leaned
  • Leaped
  • Leered
  • Leonid
  • Levied
  • Loaned
  • Warned
  • Yearned
  • Leanne
  • learns
  • learners
  • relearned

353 words made from the letters learnied

3 letter words made from learnied:

dre, ale, lin, lid, ene, lea, era, aid, ade, are, lad, ire, ain, nad, ali, ida, ern, den, rid, nee, rad, ane, dle, ira, nil, ail, dna, lei, ear, dia, red, air, end, lan, eld, dal, eel, lir, enl, ler, din, led, lee, die, ani, rna, lie.

5 letter words made from learnied:

elend, neder, anile, edler, deair, riedl, naide, anier, derna, ndele, renai, dalei, arine, neild, diene, darne, riled, edern, aneel, darle, lerna, larne, iland, eader, neier, liera, ernle, renal, elide, niere, eared, diler, reali, arede, erlin, indle, ereli, radle, enide, nidra, niele, liren, erlan, lerin, reial, eider, drane, erdei, edain, drain, nilar, erdan, lnder, adire, reale, irena, alred, aerie, idler, alide, adeni, deine, delai, ledin, diele, ardee, ridel, ranil, nerad, inler, eaned, lrene, lener, eland, eiler, diena, ideen, neral, leard, rande, dinar, ledra, arild, ranee, alien, ideal, indre, eleia, dalin, radin, laden, leear, lined, danel, liden, daler, deira, laide, anele, dreen, areel, aired, erlen, nadir, daner, nidal, learn, ildar, edale, riede, raide, erdal, andel, naldi, adree, leare, endre, reald, ndlea, needl, delan, lider, alire, ranid, diner, indra, relie, nield, lirae, denel, enlai, rende, alder, lidar, landi, nedal, alier, liner, edner, elder, eldir, reden, lader, reile, nidre, eldar, erned, alere, aerdi, ierne, aline, endel, neeli, nadel, derai, dirne, leder, reila, driel, nedre, inder, eliad, aldie, laned, nirad, leine, larid, denar, daele, delen, erden, nidar, laird, raden, leira, laner, lndia, erian, ainee, lanre, naree, areni, adeli, arled, diran.

4 letter words made from learnied:

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