Correct spelling for LEASTR

We think the word leastr is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for leastr

  • last The very last thing he could do, I should think.
  • leased Then he leased his vineyard to some farmers and went away.
  • least "No; at least not much.
  • lest I dared not ask her lest she should find a fresh mockery in the question.
  • list Draw neere and list What with our Councell we haue done.
  • lister In the end Mrs. Lister recovered, owing her life entirely to the fortunate circumstance that at the moment of losing consciousness she had apparently been able to project a visual phantasm of herself before the window of our tea-room.
  • lost And so it went on, until I lost my lad.
  • lust The book becomes thus not a triumph of love over lust, but of love over temptation.
  • luster Exceptions: I, B, and C have metallic luster.
  • lustre And the countenance had not lost its freshness, the eye its lustre.
  • maestro She could not endure to make the Netherland maestro, who was kindly disposed toward her, and whom she honoured, a witness of her humiliation.
  • Leaser
  • Lester
  • lasts
  • LSAT
  • blunderous

133 words made from the letters leastr

5 letter words made from leastr:

laers, artel, atler, tesla, stael, strae, later, aelst, setal, stela, ratel, steal, reals, seral, letra, saler, astre, salet, tares, tarle, trela, reast, selat, alert, sarel, laser, teals, taler, taels, leats, slart, stare, slate, aerts, least, stale, raste, alter, retal, alers, sater, satre, selar, aster, tears, ralte, teras, rates, astle, searl.

3 letter words made from leastr:

ert, ate, eta, let, rat, ter, ret, are, est, art, era, tea, ras, sea, ler, sat, alt, tar, sle, lea, asl, lat, res, eat, ale, ear, esr, als, set.

6 letter words made from leastr:

alster, letras, artels, staler, alerts, estral, talers, laters, strela, slater, salter, stelar, alters, ratels.

4 letter words made from leastr:

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