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How to spell LEAT correctly?

If you're grappling with the misspelling "leat", fear not! The correct suggestions you may have been looking for are "least", meaning the smallest amount, and "leap", describing a sudden jump or bound. These alternatives will ensure your writing conveys the precise meaning you intend.

List of suggestions on how to spell leat correctly

  • beat
  • bleat The lamb let out a loud bleat when it saw its mother coming towards it.
  • cleat Before stepping into the boat, make sure that your shoe sole has a non-slippery cleat.
  • eat I am going to eat breakfast before I start my workday.
  • feat
  • heat It's getting hot in here, can you turn on the air conditioning to cool the heat?
  • lat
  • lea She strolled through the picturesque lea, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.
  • lead
  • leaf
  • Leah Leah is a gifted artist who specializes in abstract paintings.
  • leak I noticed a small leak in the faucet and called a plumber right away.
  • lean I prefer to eat lean meats to maintain a healthy diet.
  • leap The athlete took a giant leap and cleared the hurdle with ease.
  • lear
  • LEAS
  • least I'll choose the one with the least amount of sugar.
  • left He left his keys on the desk.
  • lent
  • lest She went to bed early lest she would be tired in the morning.
  • let Can you please let me finish my sentence before interrupting?
  • Leta Leta is excited to start her new job.
  • LSAT Many law schools require the LSAT for admission.
  • meat
  • neat I love how neat and organized your closet is!
  • peat The gardeners used peat moss to improve the soil's texture and moisture retention.
  • pleat I love the way the pleat adds extra movement and shape to my skirt.
  • seat I need a new seat for my bike.
  • teat The mother sheep allowed her lamb to suckle from her teat.

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