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How to spell LEATED correctly?

The correct spelling for "leated" could be "pleated", "lated", "seated" or "eated". It depends on the context in which the misspelling appears and the intended meaning. For instance, if the misspelling is a typo for "pleated", it would be best to correct it accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell leated correctly

  • Bleated The sheep bleated loudly in the field, demanding attention from their shepherd.
  • Heated The argument became so heated that they had to take a break to calm down.
  • Leaded The mechanic determined that the car's performance issues may be due to leaded gasoline being used instead of unleaded.
  • Leafed She leafed through her diary to find the date of the meeting.
  • Leaked The explosive interviews were leaked to the press, causing a national scandal.
  • Leaned Sarah leaned closer to the computer screen to read the small font.
  • Leaped The cat leaped into the air to catch the bird.
  • Leased My sister leased a car for a year, but then decided to buy it outright.
  • Leaved I leaved the party early because I was tired.
  • Pleated The pleated skirt has been a classic wardrobe staple for decades.
  • Seated She was comfortably seated in the armchair by the window, reading a book.

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