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How to spell LEATEDE correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "Leatede", here are some possible correct suggestions. One could be "Leather" if you intended to refer to the material. Alternatively, if you meant "Lead", replace the "e" at the end with an "d". Remember to double-check your spelling to avoid confusion and ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell Leatede correctly

  • Bleated The sheep in the pen bleated as the farmer walked by with his dog.
  • Heated The argument between the two friends became very heated when they disagreed over who should pay for the meal.
  • Leaded The old building was made with leaded windows.
  • Leafed She leafed through the pages of the old book in search of the missing chapter.
  • Leaked The movie plot was leaked before its official release, spoiling the surprise for many viewers.
  • Leaned As he leaned against the wall, he felt the coolness of the smooth surface against his skin.
  • Leaped The squirrel leaped from one tree branch to another.
  • Leased The company leased a new office space to accommodate its growing staff.
  • Leaved
  • Legatee The legatee received a substantial inheritance from his late uncle's estate.
  • Pleated She wore a pleated skirt that swished as she walked.
  • Seated She was told to remain seated until the plane came to a complete stop.

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