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How to spell LEATER correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "leater" instead of "leather", here are some possible correct suggestions. Double-check your spelling and try "leather" instead. Alternatively, you may have intended to type "latter" or "letter", depending on the context. Always proofread your work before finalizing it to avoid such mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell leater correctly

  • beater I need to buy a new beater for my hand mixer because one of them broke.
  • eater My cousin is such a picky eater, she only likes to eat chicken nuggets and French fries.
  • heater
  • late
  • later
  • latter
  • leader As a successful leader, he inspired his team to achieve great things.
  • leaner After doing a lot of cardio, I've become leaner than I was before.
  • leaper As a skilled leaper, the gymnast effortlessly executed a perfect backflip.
  • Leaser The new car leaser needs to be in by 6pm.
  • leather I bought new leather boots for the winter.
  • leaver He was known as a leaver, always leaving things unfinished and moving on to something else.
  • Lester Lester is the new hire.
  • letter I received a letter in the mail yesterday from my pen pal in Australia.
  • liter
  • litter I always make sure to clean up any litter I see on the beach.
  • loader The construction worker used a loader to move the heavy materials to the designated area.
  • loiter
  • looter The police caught the looter carrying stolen goods out of the store.
  • neater

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