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How to spell LEATERD correctly?

If you meant to type "leathered" but accidentally spelled it as "leaterd", here are a few correct suggestions. Double-check your spelling first, ensuring you use "leathered" instead. In case you are referring to something entirely different, provide more context so I can provide more accurate suggestions.

List of suggestions on how to spell leaterd correctly

  • beater He used an old wooden spoon as a beater to mix the ingredients in the bowl.
  • beaters After the race, the exhausted runners removed their sweaty beaters and collapsed on the ground.
  • bleated As the sheep wandered off, it bleated loudly trying to find its flock.
  • eater The food critic was known as an adventurous eater, always willing to try unusual delicacies.
  • eaters The restaurant is known for its creative dishes that cater to both meat eaters and vegetarians.
  • eatery We decided to try out the new Mexican eatery that opened downtown.
  • elated She was elated when she received the acceptance letter to her dream university.
  • heated The argument between the two friends became heated with each passing minute.
  • heater I turned on the heater to warm up the room on a chilly winter night.
  • heaters I bought two portable heaters to keep the room warm during the winter.
  • later I will meet you at the park later today.
  • leaded She leaded the team to victory with her exceptional skills and leadership abilities.
  • leader He is a natural-born leader and always knows how to motivate his team.
  • leaders The leaders of the organization held a meeting to discuss the future plans.
  • leafed I leafed through the pages of the old photo album, reliving cherished memories.
  • leaked The classified documents were leaked to the media, causing a major scandal.
  • leaker The whistleblower acted as a leaker, providing classified information to the media.
  • leakers The government is cracking down on leakers who expose classified information.
  • leaned She leaned over the balcony railing to get a better view of the breathtaking sunset.
  • leaner Our company is implementing new strategies to become leaner and more efficient.
  • leaped The cat leaped off the branch and landed gracefully on the ground.
  • leaper The gymnast executed a perfect backflip, showcasing her skill as a fearless leaper.
  • leapers The leapers bounded effortlessly from one tree branch to another, showcasing their incredible agility.
  • leased He decided to renew the lease on his apartment for another year.
  • leaser I have been assigned as the new leaser of this apartment complex.
  • leasers My sister and I are the new leasers of the apartment.
  • leather I bought a stylish leather jacket for the winter season.
  • leathers I bought a new motorcycle jacket made of high-quality leathers.
  • leathery The old sailor had a leathery face from years of exposure to the sun and saltwater.
  • leaved The tree leaved out in the spring, transforming the landscape with vibrant green foliage.
  • leaver He was known as a leaver, always finding a reason to leave parties early.
  • leavers Many people believe that the economic impact of Brexit will be negative, especially for the leavers who voted for it.
  • lectern The professor stood confidently behind the lectern as he delivered his riveting lecture.
  • lefter
  • leotard I wore a black leotard for ballet class to ensure maximum flexibility and movement.
  • Lester Lester is a talented musician who plays the piano beautifully.
  • letter I received a heartfelt letter from a dear friend.
  • lettered He wore a lettered jacket with his name and number on the back.
  • letters I enjoy writing handwritten letters to my friends and family.
  • neater He always made his bed in the morning, making his room look neater and more organized.
  • pleated She wore a pleated skirt to the party, making her look elegant and sophisticated.
  • seated She gracefully seated herself at the table, ready to enjoy the evening's feast.
  • seater The stadium can accommodate up to 50,000 spectators, making it a massive 50,000-seater venue.
  • seaters The theater had a capacity of 500 seaters.

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