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How to spell LEATMEN correctly?

If you have misspelled "Leatmen", worry not, as we've got some suggestions to set it right. It's possible that you meant "Leatherman", referring to the popular multi-tool brand. Another possibility is "Latexmen", which could be a reference to a superhero squad. Correcting a misspelling is just a few keystrokes away!

List of suggestions on how to spell Leatmen correctly

  • Batmen The Batmen were seen running towards the Batmobile to chase after the Joker.
  • Beaten The boxer walked out of the ring, bruised and beaten.
  • Boatmen The boatmen were exhausted after a long day navigating the rough currents of the river.
  • Eaten The sandwich had been completely eaten by the time I returned from my meeting.
  • Headmen The Headmen of the tribe were responsible for making important decisions that affected the entire community.
  • Heathen The missionary dedicated his life to converting the heathen people.
  • Lawmen The lawmen were able to catch the outlaw and bring him to justice.
  • Laymen The jury was composed of laymen without any legal background.
  • Leaden The sky was a leaden gray, signaling an impending storm.
  • Leather She admired the texture of the leather jacket as she tried it on.
  • Leaven I usually add a pinch of leaven to my bread dough to help it rise.
  • Legmen The Legmen were tasked with reviewing the proposed legislation before it was presented to congress.
  • Lenten During Lenten season, many people choose to give up something they enjoy as a form of remembrance of Jesus' sacrifice.
  • Neaten I always make sure to neaten my desk before leaving work each day.
  • Seamen The captain and his crew of seamen set sail across the vast ocean.

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