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How to spell LEAUER correctly?

If you intended to type "leauer" but misspelled it, there are a couple of possible correct suggestions. The word "leaver" refers to someone who leaves or departs from a place. Alternatively, "leather" is a material commonly used in the production of various goods, such as jackets or bags. Make sure to proofread for accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell leauer correctly

  • leader He was appointed as the new team leader.
  • leaker The journalist was praised for her investigative skills in uncovering the government leaker.
  • leaner I have noticed that the new gym equipment is much sleeker and leaner than the old ones.
  • leaper The cheetah is known for being a swift and agile leaper, capable of covering long distances in a single bound.
  • leaser I am the leaser of this apartment building and I handle all the rental agreements.
  • leaver She was known as the leaver, always finding an excuse to exit any social gathering early.

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