Correct spelling for LEAVNING

We think the word leavning is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for leavning

  • Leaning
  • "never," declared mrs. chalmers, who was leaning back in her chair, and had her handkerchief in her hand, "never did i taste anything like it!

  • Leafing
  • You can yell all you want to when you go leafing, yell at every stump you hit, yell every time a limb knocks off your hat or catches you under the chin, yell when the horse stops suddenly to browse on the twigs, and stands you meekly on your head in the bottom of the rig.

  • Livening
  • Leavings
  • He who endowed the thrones of his allies with the leavings of his conquests-he who so long was the master and the terror of the universe!

  • Loaning
  • Leaving
  • Madame jacobus leaving new york!

  • Laving
  • "land ahead! its fruits are waving o'er the fields of fadeless green; and the living waters laving shores where heavenly forms are seen.

  • Leavening
  • This illegitimate union of three contradictories fritters character away, breaks it up into discordant parts, and dissolves into mercurial fluidity that leavening sincerity and free and cheerful boldness, which come of harmonious principles of faith and action, and without which men can never walk as confident lovers of justice and truth.

  • Learning
  • 122, 125, 126 learning, the new, iii.

261 words made from the letters leavning

4 letter words made from leavning:

give, legi, nein, gale, nave, veag, vage, lien, vien, lagi, vena, inge, nagi, nagl, igel, ling, nina, gila, inle, engi, ning, lvan, lena, veil, elan, egli, vali, vela, nige, line, veal, inga, gaen, egin, alne, anle, lega, ngae, lane, nile, lave, glia, lnge, laie, leni, veli, liev, alvi, ilna, vein, nian, eang, laev, gain, lein, venn, glan, vain, gnel, nega, viel, egna, ivel, vlne, nail, nine, aevi, vane, vega, gean, lavi, gien, vlei, anil, vila, neva, ving, gnal, levi, vale, elvi, live, vile, avgi, gael, nive, giel, viae, vial, vine, glen, evli, ieva, elia, agni, evil, vlie, leiv, lean, ilva, veni, veng, nlng.

3 letter words made from leavning:

iga, ale, lea, inn, ige, nan, ain, ani, lan, evl, lvi, ali, liv, nag, lag, lie, nil, leg, nne, ane, age, lev, gen, gin, gel, nig, lei, lin, iva, van, ail, lav, vie, lgv, enl, gal.

5 letter words made from leavning:

given, avine, annle, galie, lagen, gavil, gilan, vilen, angei, lanne, agile, ingel, linen, genin, align, galen, vigna, ganne, naing, ilave, angin, ganev, ligne, agnel, liven, ilang, nalve, laven, laing, envia, geval, aigle, lenin, lange, alien, genil, nieva, alive, nalen, lanni, enlai, glina, nagin, ainge, langi, gelin, angel, vigan, gelan, aliev, niane, venga, ingen, vange, gevil, vegan, negin, ligan, vilna, legan, eglin, vaine, vengi, valin, legin, legia, glenn, vanne, livan, aling, viena, nivel, ngael, vinea, vlaie, anvil, alevi, neang, vigen, nilan, glean, lanin, vinne, linge, naive, lenig, vieng, ivane, anine, vinal, inane, negai, algin, anile, glane, nivea, lavin, eliav, navel, venal, vilan, leiva, vigne, anniv, velan, vinge, elang, levan, agnle, aline, genal, angle, viale, eling, niang, gavle, viane, vinga, aveni, gavel, lenga, navin.