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How to spell LEAVNING correctly?

The correct spelling for "leavning" is "leavening". Some suggestions to avoid misspelling the word include practicing spelling words that commonly contain "ea" and "n" sounds, using online spelling tools, and reading more to become familiar with the correct spelling of common words.

List of suggestions on how to spell leavning correctly

  • Laving Laving the wound with alcohol can help prevent infection.
  • leafing I was leafing through a magazine when I saw an advertisement for a new phone.
  • leaning
  • learning
  • leavening Baking powder and yeast are both common types of leavening used in baking.
  • leaving I am leaving work early today to attend a doctor's appointment.
  • Leavings He scraped the leavings from his plate into the trash can.
  • loaning The bank is loaning me the money I need to purchase my first home.

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