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How to spell LEAVVY correctly?

If you accidentally typed "leavvy" instead of "leavy", there are several correct alternatives to consider. Some possibilities include "leafy", which describes an abundance of foliage or "lovely", a term used to express beauty and charm. Double-checking your spelling ensures accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell leavvy correctly

  • bevvy I went out with my friends last night and had a few bevvies at the bar.
  • heavy The parcel was too heavy for her to lift alone.
  • leafy I love taking walks through the leafy green forests.
  • Leakey The Leakey family has contributed significantly to the field of human evolution.
  • leaky The roof of the old house is leaky, and water drips from it during heavy rainfall.
  • Leary
  • leave I will leave work early today to attend an appointment.
  • leaved As fall approached, the trees slowly leaved and burst into a riot of colors.
  • leaven She used yeast as a leaven for her bread dough.
  • leaver He was known to be a leaver; he always left early from social events.
  • leaves The autumn wind blows the colorful leaves off the trees.
  • Levy The tax levy on the wealthy was met with resistance from some politicians.
  • navvy In the 19th century, thousands of Irish navvies traveled to Britain to work on the construction of railways and canals.
  • savvy The young entrepreneur impressed the investors with her savvy marketing strategy.
  • Seavey

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