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How to spell LEAVYY correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "leavyy", worry not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions: "leavy" or "levee". "Leavy" refers to a reference book containing orders of service for religious ceremonies, while "levee" refers to a raised embankment along a river to prevent flooding.

List of suggestions on how to spell leavyy correctly

  • Heavy She had to carry the heavy box up the stairs.
  • Leafy The forest was full of tall, leafy trees that provided shade on a hot summer day.
  • Leakey Leakey is remembered for his contribution to the study of human evolution.
  • Leaky The roof was leaky and needed to be fixed before the next rainstorm.
  • Leary Timothy Leary was a psychologist and writer who advocated for the use of psychedelic drugs for therapeutic purposes.
  • Leave If you can't handle the pressure, it is better to leave the room.
  • Leaved She leaved the room in a hurry after receiving an urgent phone call.
  • Leaven I need to add leaven to the dough to make it rise.
  • Leaver
  • Leaves He gathers fallen leaves and piles them into a compost bin.
  • Levy The government may levy taxes on citizens.
  • Seavey

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