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How to spell LEAX correctly?

"Leax" could be corrected to "lease", "leak", "lexa" or "leap". It depends on the intended meaning of the word and the context it is being used in. Checking a dictionary or using spell check can also help identify the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell leax correctly

  • EAX The EAX register in a computer contains the return value of a function call.
  • Lax The company's lax attitude towards safety regulations resulted in several accidents.
  • Le ax
  • Lea Lea is a popular name for girls.
  • Lea x
  • Lead He will lead the meeting tomorrow.
  • Leaf The wind blew a leaf into her hair.
  • Leah Leah loves spending time with her friends and family.
  • Leak The plumber had to fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom.
  • Lean I am trying to follow a lean diet to shed some extra weight.
  • Leap The frog was able to leap across the pond with a single jump.
  • Lear King Lear is one of Shakespeare's most complex and tragic characters.
  • Leas The property is available for leas e starting next month.
  • LERX
  • Lexa Lexa is a unique and beautiful name for a baby girl.

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