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How to spell LEAZY correctly?

The correct spelling for "leazy" could be "lazy". Alternatively, it could be a typo for "hazy", "crazy" or "easy". It is important to double-check the correct spelling before using it in any written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell leazy correctly

  • easy
  • hazy The view of the mountains was hazy due to the thick fog.
  • lacy The bride wore a beautiful lacy gown on her wedding day.
  • lady The lady in the red hat looked elegant and sophisticated.
  • lay
  • laze I decided to laze around the house all day instead of going out to run errands.
  • lazy I'm not lazy, I'm just slow.
  • lea The meadow lies in the lea of the hill.
  • lead The lead singer of the band was constantly climbing up the lighting rig to adjust the lights and brighten the stage.
  • leads The hiking trail leads to a beautiful waterfall.
  • leaf
  • LEAFS The yellow and orange leafs on the tree signaled the arrival of autumn.
  • leafy The garden is full of leafy trees.
  • Leah
  • leak There was a leak in the ceiling.
  • leakey The leakey family is famous for its research on prehistoric apes.
  • leaks I noticed that the faucet leaks whenever I turn it on.
  • leaky The roof of the old house was so leaky that water dripped into every room.
  • lean You need to exercise more to maintain your lean body mass.
  • leans The tower leans to one side.
  • leap The frog made a big leap across the pond.
  • leaps The athlete takes long and powerful leaps over the hurdles.
  • lear
  • leary I'm a bit leary of trying that new restaurant on the corner since I heard mixed reviews.
  • LEAS
  • lease I plan to lease a car instead of buying one.
  • least She at least tried to finish her homework, even though she didn't understand the last problem.
  • legacy After her death, her family will have to live with the legacy she left behind.
  • levy The government has decided to levy a new tax on luxury goods.
  • Lizzy Lizzy always gets her homework done on time.
  • sleaze Allison wants to move up the sleaze ladder, but Adam is thwarting her every attempt.
  • sleazy I'm not interested in that sleazy man.

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