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How to spell LEGDE correctly?

If you are trying to type "legde" but realize it's misspelled, fret not! The correct word you are looking for might be "ledge". A ledge is a narrow shelf-like projection, often found on walls or cliffs. So next time, double-check and make sure to switch "legde" to "ledge" for accurate spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell legde correctly

  • geode The geode is a natural rock formation that is composed of alternating bands of hard and soft minerals.
  • lade Lade your drink, please.
  • lead She will lead the team to success.
  • leaded The candles were unlit because someone had left the leaded glass jar on the windowsill.
  • leader A leader must be able to communicate effectively with others.
  • league He joined the local baseball league to improve his skills.
  • led I was following the LED light and it led me to the door.
  • leda Leda was passionate about being a journalist.
  • ledge The hiker sat on the narrow ledge of the cliff, admiring the breathtaking view.
  • leg I broke my leg in skiing.
  • legate The emperor sent his legate to negotiate peace with the neighboring kingdom.
  • leger For a moment I felt like a leger in the forest of her hair.
  • legged The dog was three-legged and hopped around energetically.
  • leggy I am not leggy, so she has to be a model.
  • legit It's legit to thrift shop for clothes.
  • Lego I love building creative structures with Lego bricks.
  • legs I ran six miles and my legs are absolutely exhausted.
  • legume I added some chickpeas, a type of legume, to my salad for added protein.
  • lend I am willing to lend you my book if you promise to return it in a week.
  • lender She found a lender for her new business.
  • lewd
  • liege As a dutiful servant, I swore an oath to my liege lord.
  • lode There was a lode of gold discovered in the mountains.
  • loge The Loge stage was a popular spot for American audiences to get a good view of the show.
  • luge In spite of its awful name, the luge can be a really fun snow sport.

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