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How to spell LEGGS correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "leggs" instead of "legs", don't fret! Here are a few helpful alternatives. You can try "limbs", "extremities" or simply "lower appendages". Remember, proofreading is crucial, but if errors slip through, these suggestions can help rectify them.

List of suggestions on how to spell leggs correctly

  • begs He begs for forgiveness from his parents.
  • eggs
  • Egos Their egos prevented them from admitting their mistakes.
  • ERGS The Ergs were a sparking, joyous band.
  • kegs I picked up a couple of kegs at the store.
  • lagos
  • lags My computer lags when I try to play this game.
  • leaks
  • LEAS
  • ledge I need to get on the railing to get to the ledge.
  • ledges The cliffs of the river are lined with thriving ledges of vegetation.
  • Leeks She loved leeks and always cooked them with onions.
  • leers The hideous leers of the creature made her flesh crawl.
  • lees The wine tasted bitter due to the presence of lees at the bottom of the bottle.
  • leg
  • legals
  • leger The company's leger showed a loss for the third consecutive quarter.
  • legged The puppy was four-legged and furry.
  • leggy The supermodel had long, leggy limbs that seemed to go on forever.
  • Lego My little brother loves to build houses with Lego.
  • legs He had very long legs.
  • LEIS
  • lens I need to clean the lens on my camera before taking any more pictures.
  • Leos Leos are known for their leadership abilities and generosity.
  • Les I Les am from Boston.
  • less I try to eat less sugar in my diet.
  • let's Let's go to the beach and watch the sunset.
  • lets She usually lets her children play with their toys everywhere in the house.
  • lexis The linguist focused on the lexis and syntax of the ancient text.
  • Lexus I would like to test drive a Lexus before purchasing a car.
  • lieges The king was beloved by his loyal lieges who would do anything to protect their beloved kingdom.
  • loges The loges at the theater provided a private and comfortable viewing experience for VIP guests.
  • logos The logos is the visible sign of a business or organization.
  • logs I took logs from the old tree to make my own fire.
  • longs I want to read that book for hours, but I know it'll be too longs to finish in one day.
  • lugs
  • Lungs The lungs are responsible for oxygenating the blood in the body.
  • MEGS Megs loves to play video games in her free time.
  • PEGS She used two pegs to secure the wet laundry to the clothesline.

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