How to spell LEHRER correctly?

We think the word lehrer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell lehrer correctly

  • bearer The bearer of the news was hesitant to share it with the family.
  • cheerer During the funeral, the somber mood was broken by the arrival of the cheerer squad.
  • Clearer This is a much clearer explanation of the material.
  • dearer I cherish your friendship dearer than anything else.
  • Ere Ere is the dawning of a new day.
  • err I apologize for the err I made in the report.
  • fuehrer
  • fuhrer The title of " Fuhrer" was given to Adolf Hitler during his reign over Nazi Germany.
  • hearer The speaker must always consider the perspectives of the hearer to communicate effectively.
  • here I am here to assist you with any questions or concerns.
  • herr " Herr Schmidt is a famous German author.
  • lahore I grew up in Lahore.
  • leader I aspire to be a leader in the community.
  • leaner If we cut costs, we'll have a leaner operation.
  • leaper A leaper was seen cliff jumping from the tree.
  • lear I cannot believe that I have to learn this material for the test.
  • learner
  • leary I was a bit leary of trying that new restaurant.
  • Leaser I'm thinking of leasing a car.
  • leather She wore a leather jacket to keep her warm.
  • leaver He was a leaver who always left work early.
  • lecher He was arrested for molesting a six-year-old girl.
  • lechery I'm' not sure I'm comfortable with you looking at me like that, you're making me feel like a lechery
  • lee He leaned in to kiss her, and she expected his lips to touch hers, but they didn't.
  • leer El señor me miró con una expresión vacía y un leer inquietante en su rostro.
  • Leered I glared at her and she leered back.
  • leers The creepy man across the room leers at me every time I look in his direction.
  • leery I was leery of going near the water after seeing the crocodiles.
  • leger A leger is a unit of Measurement in France.
  • Lenore Lenore read a book by the bay.
  • leper The leper walked among the people, his skin stained with the contagion.
  • lerner Don't be a loner!
  • Leroy Leroy walked into the room with a big smile on his face.
  • lesser The lesser known, but equally important, task was completed by the team.
  • lethe In the dark lethe flows from the moon and covers the land with a thin film.
  • letter
  • letterer The comic book artist hired a professional letterer to ensure the text was legible and clear.
  • lever I used a crowbar as a lever to pry open the stuck window.
  • Levier The Levier is a levitating platform operated by a remote control.
  • Lire Je vais acheter ce livre pour une somme de 15 Lire.
  • loire The Loire Valley is a beautiful region in France known for its breathtaking castles and vineyards.
  • lore The ancient lore of the indigenous people guided them in their way of life.
  • lorre I cannot believe that the lorre of laundry is still on the line.
  • lure The lure of the open sea was too much for Sherlock Holmes to resist.
  • lyre She played the lyre all day long.
  • nearer As we walked closer to the castle, it looked nearer than it actually was.
  • serer I seldom serer my hair.
  • shearer The shearer carefully removed the wool from the sheep's back.
  • sheerer The sheerer the paper, the more opaque the print.
  • wearer The wearer of the jacket looked fashionable and warm on the cold winter day.

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