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How to spell LEHUA correctly?

If you are trying to spell the Hawaiian word "lehua" but keep misspelling it, here are a few possible correct suggestions: lehua, leuhua, leehua, lehau, lehua'a. Don't worry if you make a mistake, learning a new language takes time and practice!

List of suggestions on how to spell lehua correctly

  • EUA
  • JESHUA Jeshua is a biblical name that means "God saves."
  • LEA The local LEA is responsible for managing the school district's budget.
  • LEDA Leda and the Swan is a popular subject in art, literature, and mythology.
  • LEHMAN The downfall of Lehman Brothers in 2008 triggered a global financial crisis.
  • LEIA Leia was one of the main characters in the popular Star Wars franchise.
  • LEILA Leila is an accomplished pianist who has performed in numerous concerts.
  • LELA
  • LELIA Lelia is a unique and uncommon name with a beautiful sound.
  • LEMMA The lemma of the word "run" is "to move fast on foot."
  • LEMUR The ring-tailed lemur is one of the most recognized lemur species due to the distinctive patterns on its tail.
  • LENA Lena went for a run this morning before starting her workday.
  • LEONA Leona is the name of a well-known singer.
  • LEPUS The constellation Lepus is often associated with the mythological hare of the same name.
  • LESA
  • LETA
  • LETUP The rain finally showed signs of a letup after hours of heavy downpour.
  • LEXA
  • LEXUS My uncle recently bought a Lexus SUV.
  • LEYLA Leyla is a name of Arabic origin that means "night beauty".
  • LUA LUA is a lightweight programming language commonly used in video game development.
  • YEHUDA Yehuda is a Hebrew name meaning "praised" or "thanks".

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