Correct spelling for LENGUISH

We think the word lenguish is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for lenguish

  • Languid(Definition of languid)
  • But the remarkable thing was that frank's affection for his mother was of the most languid kind.

  • Anguish(Definition of anguish)
  • People like to read about suffering and anguish among the rich, too.

  • Languishes
  • And thus the papal territory, which nature has destined to produce immense wealth from its situation under a favorable sky, from the multiplicity of streams with which it is watered, and above all from the fertility of the soil, languishes for want of cultivation.

  • Languished
  • The conversation languished, and before long the latter proposed that we should go into the drawing-room for half an hour before bed-time.

  • Longish(Definition of longish)
  • "as i have known mr. and mrs. gerard for many years i had a longish conversation with them on the day after their arrival.

  • Length(Definition of length)
  • "you do not remember," she began, turning at length; "no, of course you do not.

  • Lungfish(Definition of lungfish)
  • This assures the zooelogist that the origin of the lungs in the higher animals is found in the swim-bladder of the so-called lungfish.

  • Largish
  • Their mother was the daughter of a small farmer and, when she met their father, was chambermaid in a troy hotel, troy then being a largish village.

  • Languish(Definition of languish)
  • We languish, and to speak is to complain.

323 words made from the letters lenguish

5 letter words made from lenguish:

guise, genus, sheni, inuse, unies, sligh, lings, ghlin, gusen, shuei, using, husen, hulse, gehin, sluge, gusle, eughs, isneg, neigh, hiles, hugel, shige, henig, hugin, ghusl, leins, seing, hulin, ishun, leigh, leish, gusli, nighs, heigl, shuen, liens, nelis, selin, geils, silen, sleng, shigu, ehing, gusin, sigue, lieus, seuil, nilus, seiun, shune, heins, ngilu, linge, egusi, enshi, glish, iglus, hulen, uhlig, hisle, gushi, eling, ginsu, ligne, heung, sigeh, huige, hisel, lungi, lunes, lengs, insel, glehn, gelin, hinge, luges, shing, glens, negus, shung, segni, hings, hieng, leugh, heinl, neihu, ligue, guile, sugen, shine, ugine, eglin, liuhe, legin, ihlen, egils, hilus, singe, ileus, ingel, ingls, genis, husin, lunge, usine, gines, hsung, sling, singl, segui, gleis, singu, gulhi, shein, luing, hules, heils, gulin, eshun, nehls, lenig, shuln, sigel, seung, hsing, hiung, useni, huges, sengi, genil, huile, hinse, shule, lnish, senil, sugie, uglis.

4 letter words made from lenguish:

lein, helu, gens, snel, suel, legs, nige, ghen, engh, huge, iglu, glue, nile, uges, giel, gelu, gnus, hugs, shue, luen, sein, ihle, shul, isle, uige, nsui, nuel, eglu, egli, hilu, uhle, sung, unge, glen, huls, husn, lush, ling, insh, lieh, lisu, siel, egis, snug, lesh, shiu, ugli, shun, guie, ushi, lens, lien, guil, lihn, sieg, luin, inge, gish, glih, ulin, inle, hisn, lieu, inhg, ilus, lies, ugni, line, huse, slue, iesu, nisl, gihn, shin, nigh, leni, heil, gihe, geun, sigh, shui, engi, guen, nieh, guli, lugs, unie, huei, inus, huie, slug, ings, glis, genu, lnge, suen, sing, huni, suge, gius, igel, sieh, egin, sugh, inul, gesu, nghe, huli, ughi, seli, sugi, lehn, hing, leus, gien, hung, elhi, sine, segi, ugle, hues, heun, ghul, usen, geul, gnel, suin, sihl, guse, legi, hsun, guhn, gehn, husi, gush, lung, hule, sign, hens, suhl, guei, luhn, hugi, neus, luge, ueli, sehn, sule, ghil.

3 letter words made from lenguish:

uni, gin, use, sle, hus, nil, enl, gui, hie, gel, hin, hug, sin, sen, unh, lie, inh, sun, lug, gen, gnu, gun, ngu, leu, ige, uns, nsu, lei, leg, hel, ies, hun, hue, lin, sue, hen, nig.