Correct spelling for LEOPART

We think the word leopart is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for leopart

  • apart After we've been together on such a night, how can we ever be apart again?"
  • depart So, you see, our instinct was wise, and I did well to depart."
  • deport Department of Justices General Intelligence Division, were intent on using the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1918 to deport any non-citizens they could identify as advocates of anarchy or revolution.
  • jeopardy I think that all the ladies imagined they were in jeopardy, but I knew Mrs. Romer was perfectly to be trusted.
  • lappet That which moved the lappet was something in the pocket that was struggling to get out. I could see now that it was working its way up the inside, and that when it reached the opening it lost balance and fell down again.
  • leaper The leaper should grasp with his right hand that part of the pole a little below the level of his head, and with his left that part of it just below the level of his hips; he should then make a slight run, and, placing the pole on the ground, take a spring forward, and swing himself slightly round, so that when he alights the fall may be brought towards the place from which he rose.
  • least "Not in the least, if you want it that way," he yawned indifferently.
  • lenard
  • leonard
  • leonardo
  • leopard
  • leotard
  • leper
  • looped
  • lopped
  • part
  • report
  • Leaped Kate's heart leaped and stood still.
  • Loped
  • Leopold
  • leopards
  • lepers

254 words made from the letters leopart

4 letter words made from leopart:

3 letter words made from leopart:

lot, ola, era, rap, alp, lat, rep, ear, poe, tap, opt, ale, pel, lap, tar, ret, par, pro, ore, oar, art, rat, roe, per, eta, are, eat, apr, tea, pet, ler, top, ter, atp, pat, pol, pea, pre, pot, ate, oat, poa, epa, lao, pal, ert, leo, ape, rot, lea, alt, apt, tao, arp, toe, lop, tor, let.

5 letter words made from leopart:

oltre, pelot, potae, loera, porla, realo, prole, plate, toler, parto, taepo, pareo, poler, porae, orate, ploat, prato, olpae, paret, laroe, preta, polar, perol, repot, atole, atelo, rapel, roate, prate, pleat, reato, paler, lerot, artel, alper, apoel, pelor, poter, patre, pratl, patro, opler, poeta, pater, petal, rolpa, plato, alter, oreal, retal, praet, arpel, parot, letra, peral, tarle, opera, ptero, opter, porta, terol, atler, parlo, trope, poral, prela, alero, ratel, repla, lopat, pearl, oater, trela, altro, topal, potal, toral, oprea, petro, ralte, erato, poale, topel, apter, lepta, preto, loret, tarlo, terao, toper, opeta, latro, orale, ealor, alert, later, tropa, perlo, pelat, paleo, taper, taler, proal.

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