How to spell LERAVE correctly?

If you meant to say "leave" but misspelled it as "lerave", here are some correct suggestions. Make sure to double-check and use the appropriate term in your context, such as "farewell", "depart", "go away", "exit" or "vacate". Proper spelling enhances communication and prevents misunderstandings, so always proofread!

List of suggestions on how to spell lerave correctly

  • bereave
  • brave She was brave enough to stand up for what she believed in despite opposition.
  • crave
  • derive
  • grave His tone was grave when he spoke about the seriousness of the situation.
  • lave
  • leave We need to leave before they see us.
  • leaver She was happy to be a leaver from her old job, as she found a better one elsewhere.
  • rave The party was so wild I thought I was in a rave.

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