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How to spell LEREE correctly?

If you've typed "leree" instead of the correct word, there are a few possible suggestions. It could be "leer" (meaning a suggestive look), "leery" (feeling cautious or suspicious) or "leek" (a type of vegetable). Always double-check spellings to ensure clear communication and avoid misunderstandings.

List of suggestions on how to spell leree correctly

  • Bare He was so cold that he could feel the icy ground beneath his bare feet.
  • Care I take great care of my plants, making sure they have enough water and sunlight to thrive.
  • Claire Claire is a talented pianist who will be performing at the concert tonight.
  • Dare I dare you to try the spicy curry at the new restaurant.
  • Eire Eire is known for its rich history and stunning natural landscapes.
  • Fare I bid you farewell and hope that you have a safe journey.
  • Hare The hare gracefully leaped through the meadow.
  • Lace She wore a beautiful white lace dress to the party.
  • Lade She carefully placed the delicate china teacup on the lade.
  • Lair The detective suspected that the criminal's lair was hidden deep within the abandoned warehouse.
  • Laird The laird of the castle ruled over his lands with fairness and generosity.
  • Lairs The dragon had multiple lairs scattered throughout the vast mountains.
  • Lake The family went camping by the serene lake, enjoying the peaceful sounds of the water.
  • Lame The comedian's jokes were so lame that no one laughed.
  • Lane She smoothly switched lanes and merged onto the expressway.
  • Lara Lara is planning to attend the conference next week.
  • Lard I used lard to make the homemade pie crust flaky and delicious.
  • Large The elephant had large tusks and could easily knock down trees.
  • Lark I woke up early to go for a morning jog and witnessed a beautiful lark singing its melodious tune.
  • Lars Lars is an exceptional musician who can play multiple instruments flawlessly.
  • Lase The doctor used a lase to remove the tumor from the patient's body.
  • Late I apologize for submitting the report late, it took longer than expected to complete.
  • Laue The Laue diffraction pattern revealed the crystal's structural information.
  • Lave I attempted to lave the dirty dishes in the sink but ran out of soap.
  • Laze I like to laze by the poolside and soak up the sun on lazy summer afternoons.
  • Lear Lear, the tragic Shakespearean character, suffers greatly throughout the play.
  • Learn I am eager to learn new skills and broaden my knowledge.
  • Leary I'm feeling a bit leary about eating at that sketchy-looking restaurant.
  • Lease I signed a lease for an apartment that I will move into next month.
  • Leave I will not leave until you explain yourself.
  • Legree Simon Legree was the cruel and heartless plantation owner in the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin".
  • Levee The small town built a levee to protect its residents from potential flooding.
  • Liege The king's loyal subjects pledged their unwavering loyalty to their liege.
  • Lire The cost to visit the museum was just one lire.
  • Loire The beautiful Loire River winds its way through the picturesque French countryside.
  • Mare The black mare galloped across the open field, her mane flowing in the wind.
  • Pare After pruning the tree, he carefully pared away the excess branches.
  • Rare It is very rare to find a vintage car in such excellent condition.
  • Tare Be sure to subtract the weight of the container using the tare function on the scale.
  • Ware I went to the market to buy some kitchenware.
  • Zaire Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is rich in natural resources such as diamonds and copper.

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