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How to spell LERING correctly?

One possible correct spelling for "lering" could be "learning". Other suggestions might include "luring", "leering" or "leveling". It's important to consider the context in which the misspelling was made and to choose a word that makes sense in that context.

List of suggestions on how to spell lering correctly

  • bearing She walked with a steady bearing, showing her confidence and grace.
  • behring
  • bering
  • blaring The car horn was blaring loudly, causing everyone in the vicinity to cover their ears.
  • bring
  • clearing I went for a walk in the clearing to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Erin Erin is looking forward to her vacation in Hawaii.
  • erring
  • Fearing I was fearing the worst when I got the call from my boss.
  • flaring The flaring of the sun felt soothing on my skin.
  • gearing The company is gearing up for a new product launch.
  • glaring The glaring light made it difficult to see.
  • goering
  • hearing I am having difficulty hearing you because of the loud music.
  • herring
  • jeering The crowd began jeering the losing team as they walked off the field.
  • Larding Some pork larding is done before roasting to give the meat a crisp outer crust.
  • Larking I saw a group of teenagers larking about in the park.
  • Layering The art of layering in fashion involves combining different fabrics, textures and styles to create a unique and cohesive look.
  • leading She is the head of her own leading law firm.
  • leafing She was leafing through the pages of the novel, searching for her favorite passage.
  • leaking The sink is leaking and the water is going all over the floor.
  • leaning It was leaning against the wall.
  • leaping
  • learning I am learning a new skill every day.
  • Leasing
  • leaving Leaving for your vacation already?
  • leering She was crouched down, leering up at me.
  • legging I need to buy some legging to wear to the party.
  • lemming
  • lenin Lenin led the Bolsheviks to power in the Russian Revolution of 1917.
  • letting I am letting myself go a little bit.
  • levering Levering an object off of a surface is an easy way to get it into your hands.
  • ling
  • Lording After dinner, we had to wait on the boss, who was lording it over us.
  • louring The sky was louring with dark clouds, indicating that a storm was approaching.
  • lowering Lowering the temperature in the room helped me sleep better at night.
  • Luring The restaurant is luring customers in with their daily specials.
  • lurking I was lurking around in the shadows waiting for her to leave.
  • lying I'm not lying, I swear.
  • Nearing She was nearing the end of her journey and could feel her excitement mounting.
  • Peering The owl was peering at me through the darkness of the forest.
  • rearing My horse is rearing and I need to get it under control
  • ring She loves to wear her grandmother's antique ring.
  • Searing The searing heat of the sun made it difficult to stay outside for long.
  • tearing The baby was tearing up when she found out her parents were leaving.
  • veering
  • wearing I am wearing a red dress for the party tonight.
  • wring
  • zeroing She spent hours zeroing in on the exact location of the hidden treasure.

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