Correct spelling for LERND

We think the word lernd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for lernd

  • bend I expect you to get at least one there, and two down at the bend.
  • blend Tiny wild flowers purple the surface near us, but blend into the colorless effect of the general distance.
  • eland The eland thrives well in England; and Dr Livingstone remarks it strange that it has not long since been introduced to our pastures-since its flesh is better than beef, and the animal itself is as large as an ox.
  • end He was sorry the journey had come to an end.
  • fend Instead of being cowed by these temporary setbacks it only resumed the attack with added zeal; so that Jimmie had often to throw up his left arm in addition, to fend off his foe.
  • land Oh, no, you can't, for it's mostly on my land yet!
  • lard Then a long hickory staff was placed in the old man's hand, and his arm-chair was rolled into the kitchen, to a certain station between the fire and the southern window, where he would be out of the way of his daughter Ann, yet could measure with his eye every bit of lard she put into the frying-pan, and every spoonful of molasses that entered into the composition of her pies.
  • lead He knocked at the door and then, stepping aside, left Mr. Chalk to lead the way in.
  • lean When, at length, she was somewhat restored, she turned towards her uncle's house with feeble steps and slow, frequently stopping to lean against the walls of the houses; she tottered into the room where the family were assembled, and sank senseless upon the floor.
  • leander Mr. H. Willis, of the Leander Crews of 1896 and 1897, who preferred to row with a stretcher set up a good deal prouder.
  • learn This he had yet to learn.
  • learned Have you ever learned to ride?"
  • led He took the widow's hand, kissed it, and led her to the sofa.
  • legend Mr. Kipling would not dare to justify the American War, stick to Burgoyne, and defy the legend of Washington.
  • lena Lena gave a little gasp.
  • lenard Jean Armand Charlemagne (1753–1838), French dramatic author Charlamagne tha God (born 1978), American radio personality ( Lenard McKelvey)
  • lend Afterwards, when those who loved him were in tears, there was something in all this unspotted comeliness that seemed to lend a mockery to the causes of their sorrow.
  • lender I'm giving the lender as good security as I have given to any one else.
  • lens I took the lump of sugar from my pocket and gave it to him, and he carried it to the gas-burner, by the light of which he examined it with a lens.
  • lent Her large, bright eyes were reddened by weeping, and the slight lines about the corners of the mouth had deepened and lent her a severe expression.
  • lento Geoffrey Gordon – Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (2015) Beat Furrer – intorno al bianco for clarinet and string quartet (2016) Jörg Widmann – Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet, Lento assai (2017)
  • leon A very different sentiment to that which was afterwards uttered by Leon the Byzantine, who said, "My countrymen, I had rather be put to death by you than to be put to death together with you."
  • leonard "I couldn't let you go without telling you that Leonard is back.
  • lerner 2006 - Kyle Baker, Plastic Man (DC); The Bakers (Kyle Baker Publishing) Eisner Award, Best Short Story: 2000 - "Letitia Lerner, Supermans Babysitter" by Kyle Baker in Elseworlds 80-Page Giant (DC) Eisner Award, Best New Series: 2004 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker (DC) Eisner Award, Best Title for Younger Readers/Best Comics Publication for a Younger Audience: 2005 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker and Scott Morse (DC) Harvey Award, Best Graphic Album of Original Work: 1991 - Why I Hate Saturn by Kyle Baker (Piranha Press) 1999 - You Are Here by Kyle Baker (Paradox Press) 2014 - The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story, with Vivek Tiwary & Andrew Cornell Robinson (Dark Horse) Harvey Award, Best New Series: 2005 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker (DC) Harvey Award, Special Award for Humor: 2005 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker (DC) 2006 - Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker (DC) Harvey Award, Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work 2009 - Nat Turner (Abram Books) 2006 Glyph Comics Awards Story of the Year - Nat Turner, Kyle Baker, writer and artist Best Artist: Kyle Baker, Nat Turner Best Cover: Nat Turner #1, Kyle Baker, illustrator 2007 Glyph Comics Awards Best Artist: Kyle Baker, The Bakers 2008 Glyph Comics Awards Best Artist: Kyle Baker, Nat Turner: Revolution
  • lewd These lewd revelations are certainly not in the cause of beauty.
  • lind She was so attached to Jenny Lind.
  • lindy Lindy was standing in the doorway.
  • lined An' byme-by he come' to de cemuntary whut betwixt an' between, an' he shore is mighty skeered, 'ca'se dey is a whole comp'ny of ghostes lined up along de road, an' he 'low' he ain't gwine spind no more time palaverin' wid ghostes.
  • lint And each Surgeon should be provided with a Waggon or some Horses loaded with a proper chirurgical Apparatus, as Instruments, Bandages, Lint, and other Things necessary for taking Care of the Wounded.
  • lord To know of lord Amaury?
  • lorn Sullen before that cavern's vast repose, 6 Like the lorn wrecks of a despairing race Chased to their last hold by triumphant foes, Darkness and Horror stood!
  • luanda During the late 1950s, the rise of the Marxist–Leninist Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in the east and Dembos hills north of Luanda came to hold special significance.
  • mend Whenever I come here I mend it up if any of the stones have tumbled down.
  • nerd Noah Carver Noah Carver is the Megaforce Blue Ranger and a nerd and tech geek who uses his intelligence rather than brute strength in battle.
  • pernod Blenders Pride is a brand of Indian whisky, owned by Pernod Ricard, and launched in 1995.
  • rend Lightnings these were-and more than lightnings; lightnings keyed up to an invincible annihilating weapon that could rend and split and crumble to atoms the living granite.
  • send Now, send me your daughter and let me be alone with her."
  • tend In consequence of this predominance of the motor system, the simple and imperfect images, in children as in animals, tend to be immediately changed into movements.
  • vend Captaincy of Croatia, also known as the Warasdin Captaincy, Habsburg Croatia, Kingdom of Slovenje, Slovenski Orsag, Kaikavian Kingdom of Slavonia, regnum Sclavoniae and Vend.
  • wend So care that was time-long the kinsman of Healfdene Still seethed without ceasing, nor might the wise warrior Wend otherwhere woe, for o'er strong was the strife All loathly so longsome late laid on the people, Need-wrack and grim nithing, of night-bales the greatest.
  • Leaned He leaned still farther forward.
  • Leered Out of its grim waters dead bodies bobbed, dead faces leered, the sodden ends of mysteries.
  • Lends The nature of the country, with the probable forms of attack to which it might be subjected, lends itself to their use as mounted riflemen rather than as cavalry.
  • Leno Comedian Bob Marley, born and raised in Bangor, has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Conan OBrien as well as Comedy Central and cult film "The Boondock Saints".
  • Leonid Of them all, only Leonid Plekhanov was unarmed.
  • Loaned He loaned it to Van Nest without security.
  • Pend Legislative District caucuses: 1st through 6th 8th 11th 12th 16th (Benton County portion only, held at the 8th LD caucus) 21st 25th through 34th 36th through 39th 40th (San Juan County portion only) 41st through 48th County Convention: Whatcom (40th LD) April 12 County Conventions: Clallam (24th LD) Franklin (9th & 16th LDs) Grays Harbor (19th, 24th & 35th LDs) Kitsap (23rd & 35th LDs) Kittitas (13th LD) Pend Oreille (7th LD) Skagit (10th & 40th LDs) April 13 County Convention: Snohomish (10th LD) April 19 County Conventions: Asotin (9th LD) Chelan (13th LD) Clark (15th, 17th, 18th & 49th LDs) Cowlitz (18th & 19th LDs) Ferry (7th LD) Grant (13th LD) Island (10th LD) Klickitat (15th LD) Lewis (20th LD) Lincoln (7th LD) Mason (35th LD) Okanogan (7th LD) Pacific (19th LD) Skamania (15th LD) Spokane (7th & 9th LDs) Stevens (7th LD) Thurston (20th, 22nd & 35th LDs) Wahkiakum (19th LD) Whitman (9th LD) Yakima (13th, 14th & 15th LDs) April 20 County Convention: Walla Walla (16th LD) April 26 County Convention: Jefferson (24th LD) Unknown date County Conventions: Adams (9th LD) Garfield (9th LD) Columbia (16th LD)
  • Leland He chuckled over everything, but most of all over the fact that Martin Leland had tried to buy him out.
  • Lenny He remained some minutes gazing on the prospect, till the prospect reminded him of the fields which Jackeymo was bent on his hiring, and the fields reminded him of Lenny Fairfield.
  • Leona He arrived at Sierra Leona on the 22d July, where were elephants, and abundance of oysters fastened on the twigs of trees, hanging down into the water, where they grow and multiply.
  • Linda Sir Harry Hotspur was written on the same plan as Nina Balatka and Linda Tressel, and had for its object the telling of some pathetic incident in life rather than the portraiture of a number of human beings.
  • Lorna My name is Lorna Doone."
  • Lynda He meant to return home, when once his health was restored, and take the Kendalls into his confidence; but the thought of Lynda gave him a bad moment now and then.
  • Len But Miss Ruston put an end to her planning at once by adding: I can't even sleep under your roof, Len, for I've engaged my berth on the sleeper to-night.
  • Leann Blue (LeAnn Rimes album), 1996 Blue (The Mission album), 1996 Blue (Phil Keaggy album), 1994 Blue (Simply Red album), 1998 Blue (Terje Rypdal album), 1987 Blue (Third Eye Blind album), 1999 Songs "Blue" (A Perfect Circle song), 2004 "Blue" (A.
  • learns One lives and learns."

14 words made from the letters lernd

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ler, end, den, enl, eld, led, dle, red, dre, ern.

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