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How to spell LETHERY correctly?

If you meant to type "leathery" but misspelled it, worry not! Here are a few correct suggestions for your intended word: leather, lethe, leery, lethargy. Double-checking spellings ensures effective communication, so next time, be cautious and reread your text for any potential typos.

List of suggestions on how to spell lethery correctly

  • feathery The feathery leaves of the ferns swayed gently in the breeze.
  • lather
  • lathers The barber washes his hands in lathers before he starts shaving.
  • lathery The lathery foam was making the room smell strongly of soap.
  • leather She wore a brown leather jacket.
  • leathers I like to wear leathers when I go out.
  • leathery The leathery texture of the skin on my arm made me shudder.
  • lechery His reputation for lechery preceded him, causing the women in the room to visibly shrink away.
  • leery I'm a little leery of giving them my bank number.
  • lethargy She was prey to an uncharacteristic Lethargy.
  • lethe She drank from the waters of Lethe and all her memories disappeared.
  • Lithely The ballerina lithely leaped across the stage, stunning the audience with her grace and poise.
  • Lither As a virtuoso dancer, she moved with the lither grace of a swan.
  • lottery I didn't win the lottery, but I still had hope that one day I would.
  • luther Luther was an influential Protestant reformer.
  • slithery The snake's slithery movements made me shiver with fear.

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