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How to spell LETTY correctly?

If you are misspelling "letty" and you meant to write something else, here are a few possible suggestions. Instead of "letty", you might have intended to write "let", "lettuce", "letdown" or "lemony". Double-check your text to ensure you've chosen the correct word for your intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell letty correctly

  • ATTY I am planning to hire an atty to review my contract before signing it.
  • Betty
  • Etta Etta James was a renowned American singer.
  • getty
  • jetty We walked out onto the jetty and watched the boats bobbing in the harbor.
  • laity The priest gave a sermon about the importance of involving the laity in the church's decision-making process.
  • latte I ordered a latte with almond milk at the coffee shop.
  • left He left his jacket in the car.
  • lefty My brother is a lefty and struggles to find left-handed scissors.
  • lent
  • lento The lento movement of the symphony was the most beautiful and emotive.
  • lest
  • let
  • let's
  • Leta
  • lets
  • letter
  • letup The pilot letup on the throttle and glided in to the landing airstrip.
  • levity Her levity helped ease the tension in the room.
  • levy
  • lofty She looked up at the lofty windows.
  • LOTT I need to get my Lott into the widget!
  • lotto I bought my ticket in the lotto.
  • lusty She emitted a lusty laugh at his joke.
  • petty I don't care what you say, I'm going to hold onto my petty resentment.
  • sett
  • sleety Today is really cold and sleety.

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