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How to spell LETUS correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "letus", there are a few potential correct suggestions. "Let us" is the most likely intended phrase, indicating the act of allowing or permitting. Another possibility is "lettuce", referring to the leafy green vegetable. These alternatives should be considered for accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell letus correctly

  • cetus The whale was so large that it was hard to see the cetus swimming below the surface.
  • fetus My grandma told me that when you have a fetus, it's like you have a mini-you inside your body.
  • lats I have my license, but I don't have my lats.
  • leads The detective believes the evidence he has gathered leads to the killer's identity.
  • leeds I am planning a trip to Leeds, England to see the historic castle and the famous Corn Exchange.
  • lepus The Lepus is a mammal that lives in cold climates.
  • let's Let's watch a movie.
  • lets She always lets her dog sleep in her bed.
  • letup There was no letup in the rainfall, and the flooding continued throughout the night.
  • letups
  • lots This room is full of lots of books.
  • lotus The lotus grows in muddy water.
  • lutes The lutes were heavily damaged in the flood.

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