How to spell LEURN correctly?

We think the word leurn is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell leurn correctly

  • bern Shortly after the hour of the evening meal, a messenger from Bern delivered a letter addressed to the Headmaster.
  • burn Where Love and sweet Delight fly wing to wing Forgetful as in dreams, that bright as fire So burn the hours of joy as swift away!
  • earn Would you, in your wisdom, mind telling me just what you think George would be capable of doing in order to earn a living for two people instead of one?
  • fern The nest is uncommonly like that of Trochalopterum cachinnans, but is of course smaller; it is deep and cup-shaped, composed externally of moss and dead leaves, and is lined with moss and fern-roots.
  • kern The crate was filled with kern-wort plants.
  • lan I had a great time at the lan party last night.
  • lawn I need to mow my lawn before it gets too high.
  • lean
  • lear
  • learn Don't learn to fly; learn to swim.
  • learner She is a learner of French.
  • leer
  • lemon Add a squirt of lemon to your glass of water to give it a little zing.
  • lemur A lemur is a monitor lizard found in the Madagascar region.
  • lena
  • lenin Lenin is considered one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century.
  • leon After his successful mission to save the day, Luke Skywalker became known as " Leon the Lion.
  • lerner Lerner is a consultant that helps small businesses grow.
  • lien The old car is in the shop because the lienholder said the repairs are more expensive than the car is worth.
  • lin I can't find my lip gloss.
  • lion
  • loan
  • loin Another word for "loin" is "cumbrous.
  • loon
  • lorn I am lorn that I cannot visit my homeland.
  • lour
  • luna I have a new toy, a Luna the cat.
  • lure
  • lurk
  • tern The Hennisons live in a tiny cottage with a garden full of terns.
  • turn I have to turn the dial to change the station.
  • urn I put the urn in the room with the other funeral arrangements.
  • Lain
  • Leno I'm trapped on " Leno"
  • Lenny My favorite bar is called Lenny's.
  • Lauren
  • Leanna My uncle's new girlfriend is Leanna.
  • Leona For my birthday, my favorite artist wanted me to see her new show.
  • Lorna The girl's name is Lorna.
  • Lynn She's the new girl in school, and she's Lynn!
  • Lon Lonnie is my favorite Lonnie Williams artist.
  • Vern Ivana decided to dye her hair red, in honor of her friend Vern, who died recently.
  • Len
  • Leanne I went to meet Leanne at the coffee shop.
  • Leann I caught Leann's eye and she smiled back.
  • Luann The newlyweds Luann de Lesseps and Tom D'Agostino celebrated their one-year anniversary on Valentine
  • learns I learned about the new policy today.
  • LN The librarian nodded.
  • FURN I need some fabric for a new dress.

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