How to spell LGHTS correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "lghts", it is likely that the intended word is "lights". Simple suggestions to correct this mistake would be to insert the vowel "i" before "g", resulting in "lights". Another option is to replace the "g" with "i", yielding the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell lghts correctly

  • bights I love fishing in Bights State Park.
  • eights He rolled two eights on his turn and won the game.
  • fights Whenever they had fights, she would end up getting punched in the face.
  • flights I booked my flights to Los Angeles for next month.
  • gets If he doesn't hurry, he gets late for the meeting.
  • GITS
  • guts She showed a lot of guts when she stood up to the bully.
  • HTS The terminal is known as HTS.
  • lasts The effects of the medication lasts for several hours.
  • lats After performing several pull-ups, my lats were burning with fatigue.
  • Lents Lents is a neighborhood in the southeast part of Portland, Oregon.
  • lets
  • lifts I need to buy new lifts for my car.
  • light
  • Lights The lights in Times Square are always so bright and colorful.
  • lilts The Irish jig had a joyful lilts that made everyone want to dance.
  • lists She loves to make lists of all the things she needs to do.
  • lofts She is looking for an apartment that has high ceilings and lofts so that she can create a lofted space for a bedroom or office.
  • loots The robbers fled away with all the loots.
  • lots
  • louts The noisy louts disturbed the peaceful atmosphere of the library.
  • lusts He had to fight back his lusts and maintain his professionalism in the workplace.
  • nights I love going for long walks on summer nights.
  • plights The plights of refugees trying to find safety can often be difficult and heartbreaking.
  • Rights Every human being has inherent rights that must be protected and upheld by society.
  • sights We visited many sights on our trip.
  • tights She wore black tights under her dress to keep warm in the winter.
  • wights In the dark, they hunted the wights.

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