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How to spell LIASTED correctly?

If you're encountering the misspelling "liasted", there are a few correct suggestions to consider. One potential correction might be "listed", which refers to the action of including or enumerating items. Alternatively, "lasted" could be a valid option if you're referring to something that endured for a certain period of time. Always proofread to ensure accurate spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell liasted correctly

  • Basted I basted the turkey in butter and herbs for added flavor.
  • blasted I was blasted with cold air when I opened the door.
  • Fasted
  • Hasted I hasted to catch the bus but unfortunately, I missed it.
  • Lasted The play lasted for two hours.
  • leased I leased a car for two years.
  • liaised The liaison officer liaised with the prisoners.
  • lifted She sighed with relief as the heavy burden was finally lifted off her shoulders.
  • ligated The ends of the DNA fragments were ligated together to create a circular plasmid.
  • lighted The candles were lighted, casting a warm glow over the dining room.
  • lilted The flowers were delicate and lilted in the breeze.
  • Lisped I loved learning Lisped.
  • listed
  • listen
  • lister
  • Lusted He lusted after her all night.
  • masted The old-fashioned sailing ship had three masted sails.
  • Misted After being outside in the cold, the misted windows made the room feel warm.
  • pasted She carefully pasted the pictures onto the scrapbook page.
  • Tasted I tasted the delicious cake that my mom baked yesterday.
  • wasted She wasted an entire day at the spa.

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