How to spell LIBARIE correctly?

We think the word libarie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell libarie correctly

  • bare My Lord Monk rode bare after the King, and led in his hand a spare horse, as being Master of the Horse.
  • barrie Barrie glanced at him half longingly, half doubtfully.
  • barrier If he could not overcome that barrier which people threw up around themselves at contact with him, if he could not occasionally know the sound of a friendly voice, he felt that he would very soon go mad.
  • barrio Senorio de los moros Entre estos moros ay ni mas ni menos behetria qe en los pintados, qe auia principales En sus Barrios a quien obedecian qe castigauan sus delitos y les dauan las leyes qe auian de guardar y en los pueblos donde Auia diez o doce principales no mas Vno dellos El mas Rico era el qe obedecian todos, tienen en mucho la antiguedad del linaje y ansi para ser senor aprouechaua mucho, quando hacian sus leyes para gouernar su Republica el mayor principal a quien obedecian los demas juntaua todos los demas principales del pueblo en su casa y juntos proponia su platica diciendo qe para Remediar muchos delitos qe se cometian era necesario poner penas y hacer hordenancas para qe se Remediase y qe ellos pues qe eran los senores Viesen lo que les parecia y que ordenasen, de suerte qe todos Vibiesen en Paz. desta pulicia carecian los pintados, porqe ninguno queria rreconocer a otro por mas principal, entonces los demas Principales Respondian qe les parecia muy bien y que pues El era el mayor de todos hiciese lo que le pareciese ser justo qe ellos le dauan la mano, y asi El principal hacia las leyes qe le parecia ser necesarias porqe estos moros tienen letras de las quales carecen todos los demas naturales de las yslas y lo que el hordenaua, aprobauan los demas principales, y luego Venia vn pregonero que llaman Vmalahocan ques propriamente mayordomo y tomaua vna canpana, y salia por El pueblo y en cada barrio pregonaua las hordenancas, qe se auian hecho y El pueblo rrespondia que las obedecia y asi yva de en pueblo en Pueblo por todo El destrito de aquel principal y de alli adelante el que yncurria en la pena era lleuado Al principal y El le condenaua en ella y si la pena era de muerte y El condenado decia que queria ser esclauo se le perdonaua y quedaua esclauo, eran tambien jueces los demas Principales, cada vno en su barrio y quando se offrecia algun negocio de Calidad mandaua El principal mayor juntar todos los demas Principales para sentenciarlo, y concluydo con Voto de todos los demas usauan lleuar derechos, y no auia Cosa senalada en ellos, mas de lo que el proprio juez decia qe le diessen.
  • blare Its soft strains would harmonize but ill with the wild shouts of the hunters and the ringing blare of their bugles, which are the only sounds that ought to be heard here.
  • bore They bore their disappointment very well.
  • brie The name of imitation Brie or Brie type made in all parts of France.
  • brier At sunrise he chased an early rabbit into an impenetrable, frost-incrusted brier patch.
  • calibre Mr. Herbert was shot with a thirty-two calibre.
  • fibre By what she might be, by what she might have in her of mental fibre, of high or low quality, of true or untrue womanliness, were to be fashioned those who in days to come might be amongst the strongest and most faithful bulwarks of the constitution.
  • iberia Accordingly, Mithridates sent ambassadors to Iberia, with letters to Sertorius and proposals.
  • labile
  • laborer She was a laborer in the city.
  • liable This document is liable to revision.
  • libber
  • liberal
  • liberate After the liberation, the survivors decided to build a new life.
  • liberia
  • liberian
  • liberty I really value liberty, and I hope to always have it.
  • libra She always wears a Libra sign.
  • library
  • librium Librium is a prescription medicine used to relieve anxiety and stress.
  • libya Following the overthrow of Col. Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has experienced instability and conflict.
  • lingerie My mother owns a lot of lingerie.
  • lira I've been saving up for a new car and I think I may want to get a lira instead.
  • litre We filled up the car with petrol using a litre of gas.
  • lobar
  • loire
  • lore The lore of the sea has always fascinated me.
  • lure
  • lyre
  • sabre
  • siberia In Siberia, it is very cold all year round.
  • Brae Just mak her a brae young sailor, and the Maggy Bell 'll do the rest on't.
  • Byre His mother sat between the stove and his bed with a sore heart; and his father, as he went to and fro between the walls of beaten snow, from the wood shed to the cattle byre, was sorrowful, thinking to himself the child would die, and join that earlier Findelkind whose home was with the saints, But the child did not die.
  • Lib Libraries are places of quiet contemplation.
  • Lire
  • Lorrie
  • Liberace He was a renowned pianist and entertainer who was known for his flamboyant costumes and delightful personality.
  • Barr But have care not to be led into committing sin, as with these birds-for remember, thou hast shed blood and life hath not returned again, and El Barr is sacred from the shedding of blood!
  • Laurie
  • Lauri I saw a girl with red hair named Lauri.
  • Lorie during my trip to California, I visited the Lorie Morrison Museum in Ukiah.
  • barre M. de Lefebvre de la Barre was a clever sailor but a deplorable administrator; as for the commissioner, M. de Meulles, his incapacity did not lessen his extreme conceit.
  • barer THEN anon Sir Launcelot waked, and set him up, and bethought him what he had seen there, and whether it were dreams or not. Right so heard he a voice that said: Sir Launcelot, more harder than is the stone, and more bitter than is the wood, and more naked and barer than is the leaf of the fig tree; therefore go thou from hence, and withdraw thee from this holy place.

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