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How to spell LICED correctly?

The correct spelling for "liced" is actually "licoriced". Some people mistakenly spell it as "liced", but the correct word is derived from "licorice", which refers to a sweet and chewy candy made from licorice root. So, next time you're referring to this treat, remember to use "licoriced" instead!

List of suggestions on how to spell liced correctly

  • Diced I chopped the tomatoes with a diced tomato can.
  • iced I ordered an iced latte to cool me off from the hot weather.
  • lace She wore a white lace dress to the wedding.
  • laced The cake was beautifully laced with delicate tracery icing.
  • Lanced The soldier was lanced by the punctured lung.
  • Lazed On a sunny day, he lazily lazed on a hammock in the backyard.
  • lcd
  • led He led his team to victory with outstanding performance.
  • Lice There are lice in the schoolroom.
  • licit The casino only allowed licit forms of gambling for their patrons.
  • licked I licked my ice cream.
  • lid I can't find the lid to this jar of peanut butter.
  • lied She lied to her boss about why she wasn't able to come to work.
  • lies He told us a whole bunch of lies.
  • liked
  • Limed The old furniture was freshly limed to give it a new, brighter look.
  • lined She has a beautiful lined notebook.
  • Lisped She lisped her words.
  • listed I have listed the items that we need to buy from the grocery store.
  • lite I prefer to buy the lite version of my favorite snacks to save on calories.
  • Lived I lived in New York City for five years.
  • luce "Her face lit up with the most beautiful luce as she saw her daughter graduating from college.
  • lucid The explanation was so lucid, even a child could understand it.
  • placed I placed the flowers in Barbara's vase.
  • Policed The area was being policed by several officers in order to maintain public safety.
  • sliced He sliced the bread carefully with a sharp knife.
  • Sluiced The rain sluiced down the windowpane.
  • Viced

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