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How to spell LIGAL correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "ligal", fear not! The intended word might be "legal". Double-check your spelling and make the necessary correction. Common misspellings can happen to the best of us, but taking a moment to review and rectify them ensures clarity and professionalism in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell ligal correctly

  • algal The algal bloom in the lake turned the water green and smelled foul.
  • fugal Johann Sebastian Bach's "Crab Canon" is an example of a fugal composition.
  • gal She is such a cool gal.
  • kigali
  • Laval Laval is a city located in Quebec, Canada, just north of Montreal.
  • legal The company sought legal advice before finalizing the new contract.
  • legals I need to review all the legals before signing the contract.
  • libel The journalist was sued for libel after publishing false information about the celebrity.
  • ligate The surgeon needs to ligate the blood vessels before removing the tumor.
  • Lila Lila is the name of my best friend's daughter.
  • lilac The lilac bushes in bloom filled the air with a sweet, floral scent.
  • lineal
  • lingual I am going to have to ask permission to speak with you in lingual.
  • local
  • logan Logan is a great name for a boy.
  • loyal He remained loyal to his friend, even when others turned against him.
  • Nigel Nigel was a bit of a loner.
  • regal The queen looked regal in her elegant evening gown and diamond tiara.
  • rigel
  • vigil I will be keeping a vigil tonight.

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