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How to spell LIKERS correctly?

If you've made the typo "likers" instead of "like", fret not! Auto-suggest alternatives like "liker's" or "likers'" can rectify the mistake in no time. Remember, it's crucial to use correct spellings to maintain clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell likers correctly

  • bickers The bickers started soon after they sat down at the table.
  • bikers The group of bikers roared down the highway on their Harley-Davidsons.
  • bikes I love riding my bikes throughout the city.
  • clickers The professor distributed clickers to the students for the interactive quiz session.
  • dikes The community built dikes to protect their homes from the floodwaters.
  • flickers The candlelight flickers in the gentle breeze.
  • hikers The hikers have been missing for days.
  • hikes Tom loves to go on hikes in the mountains during the summer.
  • kickers The football team's kickers practiced their field goal technique every day after school.
  • lagers I ordered two lagers at the bar.
  • lakes I love spending my summers at the lakes with my family.
  • leers He leers at the waitress every time she walks by his table, making her feel uncomfortable.
  • liars Liars never prosper in the long run; the truth always finds a way to come out.
  • liens The property owner was unable to sell their home due to the liens placed on it by the creditors.
  • lies
  • lifers The maximum-security prison houses many lifers, some of whom have been there for decades.
  • like
  • liked Martina liked the dress that was on sale.
  • liken I liken the experience to being on a roller coaster.
  • likens She likens his smile to sunshine on a cloudy day.
  • likes She likes to exercise every morning before work.
  • limes I always add fresh limes to my water for a refreshing taste.
  • liners I found some plastic liners to use in my garbage can.
  • lingers He lingers in my memory ever since that night.
  • liters The bottle of soda contains two liters of soda.
  • litters The stray cat litters kittens every year.
  • livers The livers of three fish were examined.
  • lockers
  • loiters
  • lookers The car show was filled with hundreds of lookers admiring the shiny, new models.
  • lurkers The congregation of the church were practicing their hymns when they were interrupted by a group of lurkers.
  • milkers The dairy farm employs several milkers to collect milk from the cows every day.
  • nickers I love the sound of horses' nickers in the morning.
  • pickers Pickers are needed to harvest the apples.
  • pikers I don't want to work with pikers who don't put in their fair share of effort.
  • slickers The slickers were probably just scared.
  • tickers The stock prices on the tickers were fluctuating rapidly throughout the day.

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