How to spell LIKWE correctly?

If you meant to type "likwe" but made a spelling error, there are various possible correct words. It could be "like", meaning to enjoy or find something appealing. Alternatively, you may be referring to "liken", which means to compare or equate. Check your context to identify the intended word accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell likwe correctly

  • lake Near the lake is a playground for the kids.
  • liege The nobleman was fiercely loyal to his liege lord.
  • like I like the way you dress like a pop star.
  • liked I liked the way the sun shone through the trees in the morning.
  • liken Kristen and I liken our relationship to that of siblings.
  • likes Sarah likes to go for walks in the park on sunny days.
  • loewe My favorite brand of eyewear is Loewe.
  • Lowe
  • luke Luke is my neighbor's name.

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