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How to spell LINECE correctly?

If you’ve encountered the misspelling "linece", fear not! The right word you may be looking for could be "license". This commonly misspelled term refers to an official document or permit, granting individuals legal permission to perform certain activities such as driving, practicing a profession or using patented technology.

List of suggestions on how to spell linece correctly

  • lance The knight aimed his lance at the charging enemy.
  • Lice My brother had to go home from school early because he had lice in his hair.
  • licence
  • linage The genealogist traced the linage of the royal family all the way back to the Middle Ages.
  • line The best way to avoid getting behind on your work is to keep a line of communication open with your supervisor.
  • lineage The lineage of the samurai goes back centuries to when Japan was ruled by shoguns.
  • lineal The lineal descent of the royal family is an important aspect of their cultural heritage.
  • linear The linear relationship between two variables was evident in the graph.
  • lined The bookshelf was lined with rows of books.
  • linen She dabbed at her damp eyes with a linen handkerchief.
  • linens
  • liner I bought a new shower liner to replace the old, worn-out one.
  • liners liners are a common type of fishing line.
  • LINEs If you're looking for a new movie to watch, I recommend checking out the latest movie from the popular LINEs movie theater
  • lineup lineup on the baseball diamond
  • mince
  • niece
  • Since We have been dating for six months, and I haven't cheated on him since we started going out.
  • Vince My best friend Vince always has the best advice.
  • wince I couldn't help but wince when I saw him accidentally hit his head on the low hanging branch.

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