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How to spell LISGING correctly?

If you meant to type "listing", try using a spell checker or proofreading your work before submitting. Other possible suggestions could be "listening", "listing" or "lacing."

List of suggestions on how to spell lisging correctly

  • lagging Despite the technological advancements, some parts of the world are still lagging behind in terms of internet connectivity.
  • lasting The lasting impact of his actions will be felt for years to come.
  • legging She wore a black legging with a white tunic top.
  • licking The dog kept licking the peanut butter off of the spoon.
  • liking I am really liking this new movie.
  • Linking Linking the various aspects of the project is essential to ensure its success.
  • Lisping Due to the lisp in his speech, he had difficulty pronouncing the "s" sound in words, causing his pronunciation to be lisping.
  • listing I am working on a listing of all the items we need for the party.
  • lodging We need to make a reservation for lodging before we go on our trip.
  • logging The logging company chopped down many trees in the forest.
  • longing She couldn't help feeling a deep longing for her childhood home.
  • losing I am losing patience with this project.
  • Lugging He was lugging a heavy suitcase up the stairs.
  • Lunging The horse was lunging forward as the rider tried to regain control.
  • Lusting The prince was lusting after the beautiful princess from afar.
  • Risking He was risking his life by attempting to climb the mountain without proper gear.

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