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How to spell LISHED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "lished" instead of the word you intended, fear not! Possible correct suggestions for this misspelling could be "polished", "published" or "listened". Always double-check your spelling, as a simple mistake can lead to confusion and miscommunication.

List of suggestions on how to spell lished correctly

  • Bashed She bashed her knee against the table and let out a yelp of pain.
  • Blushed
  • bushed After hiking for several hours, I was completely bushed and just wanted to take a nap.
  • cashed
  • Clashed The two rival gangs clashed in the middle of the street, causing chaos and mayhem.
  • cliched She always tells me the same cliched things about life.
  • dashed The runner dashed across the finish line to win the race.
  • dished The waiter dished out my order of pasta.
  • Fished My brother fished all day but only caught one trout.
  • Flashed As the lightning flashed in the sky, the car's headlights illuminated the road ahead.
  • Fleshed The meat was very fleshed out.
  • flushed She flushed with embarrassment when she realized she had spilt coffee on her shirt.
  • gashed
  • Gushed The water gushed from the shattered sink.
  • Hashed The password is hashed to secure user data.
  • hushed The auditorium was hushed as the speaker began to speak.
  • Lashed He was lashed across his back.
  • lashes I need to put on my lashes.
  • Lathed The car has a sleek lathed finish.
  • Lavished The wealthy businessman lavished his wife with expensive gifts on their anniversary.
  • Leashed My dog is leashed while we're walking.
  • lichen The lichen on the tree bark looked like a miniature forest.
  • licked
  • lidded He carefully lifted the lidded pot off the stove.
  • lied He lied to his friends about his whereabouts.
  • lighted The room was lit by the lighted candles.
  • liked She liked the new album that he had just bought.
  • Limed The carpenter limed the wooden beams to give them a rustic appearance.
  • lined A row of lined notebooks lay flat on the desk.
  • lipped His lipped smile was insincere and sarcastic.
  • Lisped I lisped while I was eating my cereal.
  • listed
  • lister
  • Lived I've lived a full and joyous life.
  • lushes
  • Mashed
  • meshed The gears in the machine were perfectly meshed together, allowing for smooth operation.
  • Mushed The potatoes were mushed up into a smooth and creamy consistency.
  • plashed As the boat moved through the water, the waves plashed against the sides.
  • polished Precious stones are often polished to look their best.
  • Pushed The man was pushed down the stairs.
  • Relished She relished in her meal.
  • rushed
  • shed The chicken shed had a terrible odor.
  • slashed The company has slashed its prices in order to boost sales.
  • sloshed After too many drinks at the party last night, she was completely sloshed and couldn't remember much of anything that happened.
  • washed She washed the car using the hose.
  • Wished After dinner, I wished I had brought my laptop so I could continue watching my movie.

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