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How to spell LITNEY correctly?

If you're constantly misspelling "litney", fear not! The correct term you're looking for is likely "litany". A litany is a series of prayers or repetitive statements. So, next time you want to use the word "litney" in a sentence, try using "litany" instead.

List of suggestions on how to spell litney correctly

  • jitney We took a jitney to the beach because we couldn't find a regular taxi.
  • kidney The function of the kidney is to remove waste products from the body.
  • lindy She executed a perfect lindy hop during the swing dance competition.
  • line
  • lined The street was lined with tall trees.
  • linen
  • liner The chef put a liner in the baking pan before pouring the cake batter.
  • linnet As I walked through the fields, I spotted a bright linnet perched on a nearby tree.
  • litany The politician started a litany of complaints about the opposing political party.
  • lite The new version of the software is a Lite version that includes only the basic features.
  • liter
  • litre
  • litter The park was full of litter, and it was disappointing to see people not respecting the environment.
  • sidney I have a friend named Sidney who loves to travel.
  • whitney I love listening to Whitney Houston's music on my drive to work.

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