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How to spell LIYED correctly?

One possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "liyed" could be "lied", meaning to intentionally deceive someone. Another option could be "liked", indicating an affinity or approval for something. Context is important in determining the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell liyed correctly

  • Bayed The hounds bayed at the moon.
  • Cloyed After eating too many sweets, I felt cloyed and couldn't eat anything else.
  • dyed
  • eyed She eyed her friend's new haircut with envy.
  • Flayed The prisoner was flayed alive as a punishment for his crime.
  • Guyed The guyed tower is a type of communications tower with a guy wire system at its summit.
  • Joyed We were joyed to see our friends upon our return from our trip.
  • keyed I keyed in my password to unlock my phone.
  • laced She laced up her shoes before going for a run.
  • laded The delivery truck was fully laded with boxes and packages.
  • Lamed The lamb frequented the meadow near the lamed river.
  • Laved
  • layer I added a layer of frosting to the cake to make it more delicious.
  • Lazed I laid in bed for hours after the party, feeling really lazed.
  • led He led the team to victory with his excellent skills.
  • licked The dog licked my face after I gave him a treat.
  • lid She removed the lid of the jar to get some peanut butter.
  • lidded The lidded pot kept the soup warm for hours.
  • lied I can't believe he lied about his experience on his resume.
  • liked She liked the movie so much that she watched it twice in a row.
  • Limed The farmer limed the soil to raise its pH levels.
  • lind
  • lined The grocery store shelves are lined with various types of pasta.
  • lipid Scientists are studying the lipid composition of the water from the meteor.
  • lipped She lipped her lipstick in the reflection of the car window.
  • lite I prefer to order the lite version of my favorite coffee drink.
  • liter
  • Lived He lived in the same house for his entire life.
  • livid I am livid with rage.
  • lobed The leaves of the Virginia creeper are lobed and have five leaflets.
  • Loped I loped down the street.
  • loved
  • Lowed
  • Loyd
  • Lured The cake was so tempting that my daughter was lured into having a piece.
  • lye The garage smelled of lye.
  • payed
  • played
  • slayed
  • toyed I toyed with the idea of calling her, but then I decided against it.

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