Correct spelling for LKINE

We think the word lkine is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for lkine

  • cline Because the sharpest break in this cline of characters occurs between the Colorado and Brazos River drainages, the turtles living in the Brazos River drainage and eastward are referred to pallidus, whereas those in the Colorado River drainage and westward are referred to guadalupensis.
  • kin I misdoubts ef I kin arm all ther fellers I kin bring on."
  • kine "Jeshurun once waxed fat, and kicked,"-but since then he has become one of the "lean kine:" wines and spirits were formerly in abundance as well as hard dollars, but have now been replaced by the cheaper water and discredited paper.
  • king 299 Aldfrith, king of Northumbria, i.
  • kline "Then he's still inside there," said Kline, clipping off his words.
  • lacking And so I made no refusing of the tablets; for I did need them, that I make blood again within me, else should I be lacking, when that there came any need anigh.
  • lane You can, in the springtime or early summer find out what has happened to them if you go into a wood or carefully search under a big hedge in a lane where the leaves were not swept away.
  • leaking The logs were small and sagged in the middle; one could hardly stand up in the room; and the rain that had run in through the leaking roof stood in pools on the earthen floor.
  • licking "The cow," answered Har, "supported herself by licking the stones that were covered with salt and hoar frost.
  • lien The lien on the Kansas Pacific prior to that of the Government on the 30th July, 1897, principal and interest, amounted to $7,281,048.11. The Government, therefore, should it become the highest bidder, will have to pay the amount of the first mortgage lien.
  • like You're always like that....
  • liken We have before had occasion to liken these sounds to the muttering of a bull, nor shall we at present see fit to disturb the comparison, since no other similitude so apt, presents itself.
  • liking Obviously it was not a job to the liking of Phillopolis, but he had good reason to fear the colonel and acquiesced with a nod.
  • lin With her message and her money I sought out Lin Darton and Miss Etta, and together we rambled in their open Ford along those flat, dead Illinois roads that I had not seen for so long.
  • line On the 25th it was in line at Vermelles.
  • linen The linen thread is given them by the merchants, who pay them at the rate of from 2d.
  • liner There were to be three landing parties of five men and one officer each-eighteen men against a creature that held a mighty passenger liner in its coils!
  • ling The morning lights sprayed upon them as they went hither and thither gathering flowers-dew-drenched hyacinths, elastic wire- strung bluebells the colour of the sky when the dry east wind blows, the first great red bushes of the ling.
  • link In the farmyard he found Link tormenting his dog.
  • lino Paraguay Alianza Patriotica por el Cambio (Patriotic Alliance for Change) or APC [Fernando LUGO]; Asociacion Nacional Republicana - Colorado Party or ANR [Lilian SAMANIEGO]; Movimiento Union Nacional de Ciudadanos Eticos or UNACE [ Lino Cesar OVIEDO Silva]; Patria Querida (Beloved Fatherland Party) or PPQ [Pedro Nicolas Maraa FADUL Niella]; Partido del Movimiento al Socialismo or P-MAS; Partido Encuentro Nacional or PEN [Emilio CAMACHO Paredes]; Partido Liberal Radical Autentico or PLRA [Gustavo CARDOZO]; Partido Pais Solidario or PPS [Carlos Alberto FILIZZOLA Pallares]
  • locking Old Dipper came to us, half asleep, at four o'clock to ask whether he was justified in locking up the establishment.
  • loin Both Mathuria and Labhana men are fairer than the Charans; they wear better jewellery and their loin-cloths have a silk border, while those of the Charans are of rough, common cloth."
  • lone In the distance the black outline of the Lone Star cabin stood out distinctly in the illumined space.
  • looking But now he stood looking with wonder at the woman before him.
  • lurking
  • Lain Again and again she had all but lain down to die on the moorland waste on to which she had wandered, when the thought of Corney and his need of her roused her again.
  • Larking Maddie was in one of her larking humours, and gave Joe quite enough to do to keep time with her.
  • Kane Kumta U Raitong u la wai noh la ka jingput bad u sngowsib, halor ba shem kat kane ka pyrthei sngi, sa kane ruh nang wan leh ih-bein kumne.
  • Lina Lord Summerhays, wondering what the matter is, comes forward between Percival and Lina.
  • lucking

46 words made from the letters lkine

4 letter words made from lkine:

kine, kiln, ekin, link, enki, leik, nike, keil, knie, klen, lien, like, klei, nile, ikle, iken, lein, liek, kein, inle, leni, line, klin, enik.

3 letter words made from lkine:

enl, kin, lin, lie, lek, ike, nil, ink, ken, elk, ilk, lei.

5 letter words made from lkine:

linke, klein, elkin, klien, kinel, liken, inkle, nikel, kilen, kline.

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