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How to spell LLEAVING correctly?

The correct spelling for "lleaving" is "leaving". This common misspelling may be due to confusion over the use of double letters in words like "parallel" or "committee". To avoid this error, it can be helpful to practice identifying and memorizing common spelling patterns and rules.

List of suggestions on how to spell lleaving correctly

  • cleaving
  • heaving After running the marathon, John was heaving and struggling to catch his breath.
  • Laving
  • leading She is a leading expert in the field of neuroscience.
  • leafing
  • leaking
  • leaning She was leaning against the wall, lost in her own thoughts.
  • leaping The gazelle was leaping across the vast savannah to escape from the stalking predator.
  • Leasing The company decided to save money by leasing office equipment instead of buying it.
  • leaving
  • Leavings After the meal, there were only a few leavings on the plates.
  • Slaving I have been slaving away at the office all week and need some rest.
  • weaving The artisan enjoyed weaving intricate patterns into the fabric.

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