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How to spell LLIGHT correctly?

If you accidentally type "llight" instead of "light", don't worry! Here are a few correct suggestions you can use instead. The correct spelling is "light", with only one "L". So, try using "light" or "lite" if you're referring to a lighter version of something. Remember to proofread before hitting send!

List of suggestions on how to spell llight correctly

  • alight
  • bight The rope was secured in a bight around the post.
  • blight The potato blight caused a devastating famine in Ireland in the mid-19th century.
  • delight The delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the kitchen, causing me to jump with delight.
  • eight
  • fight I don't want to fight with you.
  • flight I missed my flight to Paris because of the traffic.
  • flighty She's so flighty that it's difficult to have a serious conversation with her.
  • leigh
  • light The light from the sun was so bright that I had to squint my eyes.
  • Lights The lights in the city shone brightly against the dark night sky.
  • might
  • night I love reading a book before I go to bed every night.
  • plight The plight of the homeless is a major issue in our city.
  • Relight
  • right She pressed the right button to open the door.
  • sight She caught a sight of her old friend across the busy street.
  • sleight
  • slight The slight breeze made the leaves rustle gently.
  • tight She held the rope tight to prevent it from slipping.
  • wight The wight was believed to be a malevolent spirit that haunted the forest.

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