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How to spell LLOWER correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "llower", fear not! Common alternatives could be "lower", "flower" or "power". Check the context of the word to ensure the correct replacement. Remember, proofreading and spell-checking are essential for precise writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell llower correctly

  • blower I used a blower to clean the leaves from the yard.
  • bower The couple enjoyed sitting in the shady bower in their garden during hot summer afternoons.
  • cower Despite his imposing stature, he would cower in fear at the sound of fireworks.
  • dower She was left a generous dower of land and money by her late husband.
  • flower I picked up a beautiful flower from the garden.
  • follower As a loyal follower of the team, she never missed a game.
  • glower He continued to glower at her, even after she apologized.
  • hollower The tree trunk was getting progressively hollower as the termites continued their work.
  • loner
  • loser
  • lover She had been a cat lover her entire life.
  • Lowe
  • Lowed
  • lower She had to lower her voice when she was talking in the library.
  • lowers
  • Lowery Lowery is a surname that I have never heard before.
  • mower
  • power The president holds the power to veto bills passed by Congress.
  • rower I saw a rower gliding across the lake early this morning.
  • sallower
  • slower The car started to drive slower because of the heavy rain.
  • sower The sower planted the seeds in the soil and nurtured them carefully.
  • tower The tall tower stood proudly above the city skyline.

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