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How to spell LLOWING correctly?

The misspelling "llowing" can be corrected to "allowing", which means giving permission or granting access. This simple fix ensures proper communication and avoids confusion. Proofreading and using spell-check tools can help spot these errors, promoting accuracy and clarity in writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell llowing correctly

  • Allowing Allowing people to express their opinions freely is crucial for a healthy democracy.
  • bellowing The coach was bellowing at his team to run faster.
  • billowing The curtains were billowing in the wind as the storm grew stronger.
  • blowing The wind was blowing so hard, it knocked over the trash cans.
  • bowing The dancer was gracefully bowing to the audience after her performance.
  • Clawing The cat was clawing at the door, trying to get outside.
  • Clewing
  • Cowing The sheer magnitude of the task was cowing and I doubted whether I'd be able to complete it.
  • Fallowing The farmer usually practices fallowing, leaving a field unplanted for a season to allow its nutrients to recover.
  • Flawing The process of flawing the metal involves carefully examining it for any imperfections.
  • flowing The river was flowing swiftly after the heavy rains.
  • following Following the instructions carefully, I baked the perfect cake for my friend's birthday party.
  • glowing The sun was setting, casting a glowing orange and pink light over the landscape.
  • Hallowing The priest blessed the new hallowing oil before setting the candle in the crux.
  • Hollowing The sound of a lonely hoot owl could be heard hollowing through the woods at night.
  • lapwing
  • Loping I followed the bloody prints in the dust until I came across a large animal loping away.
  • losing The team is losing the game by a large margin.
  • loving My grandparents have always been strong and loving people, setting an example for our family to follow.
  • Lowing The lowing of the cows in the field signaled the approach of evening.
  • mellowing Over time, the sharpness of the cheese began to fade, mellowing into a smooth and creamy flavor.
  • Mowing
  • owing I'm owing my friend money for the concert tickets.
  • Pillowing I love the feeling of pillowing my head on a soft down pillow at night.
  • plowing
  • rowing I enjoy rowing on the lake on a calm morning.
  • slowing
  • Sowing He had spent the afternoon sowing wildflower seeds in the garden.
  • Towing I called for towing services when my car broke down on the highway.
  • Vowing After she graduated from college, she was vowing to never leave her hometown.
  • Wallowing
  • wowing The magician's performance was so impressive that it had the audience wowing throughout the show.
  • Yellowing

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