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How to spell LLOWS correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "llows", here are some alternative suggestions to consider: "allows", "bellows", "hollows" or "swallows". Depending on the context, any of these words could fit the intended meaning. Double-check the intended word to ensure your message is clear and error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell llows correctly

  • allows The new feature allows users to customize their profiles.
  • Alloys The engine is composed of advanced metal alloys to make it lighter and more efficient.
  • bellows The blacksmith used his bellows to blow air onto the hot coals in his forge.
  • billows The billows of smoke rose high into the sky, signaling the start of the fire.
  • blows The wind blows fiercely during the storm.
  • blowsy The blowsy actress stumbled onto the stage, her makeup smeared and her costume askew.
  • Fallows The fallows were left to lie unplanted, in order to restore the fertility of the soil.
  • fellows I'm planning a hiking trip with my three closest fellows next weekend.
  • flows
  • follows She always follows her morning routine without fail.
  • gallows The prisoner was led to the gallows to face his punishment for the crime he had committed.
  • glows The sun glows brightly in the sky.
  • hallows Every year on Halloween, people decorate their homes with hallows like pumpkins, ghosts, and witches.
  • laos There is little to see in Laos except poverty.
  • laws We must obey the laws of the land.
  • Leos Leos are known for their natural leadership skills and confident personalities.
  • lobs He lobs the basketball from half-court for the three-point shot.
  • logs I need to chop some more logs for the fireplace.
  • Lois I can't believe that Lois is going to be at the party.
  • loos
  • lops I have never heard of the word "lops".
  • loss I am feeling a loss today due to the death of my pet rabbit.
  • lots I have lots of work to do today.
  • low The temperature is very low today.
  • LOWS Recent lows in the stock market have investors on edge.
  • Mallows The fields surrounding the mallows were covered in soft light.
  • mellows The mellows of the sun caught in the water's surface made for a beautiful sight.
  • pillows I need a new set of pillows because my old ones are always falling asleep.
  • slow I'm going to walk slow so that I don't miss my stop.
  • Slows This food will slows your metabolism.
  • wallows
  • willows The willows by the river were swaying in the gentle breeze.
  • Yellows Peanuts fall from the sky like yellows.

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