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How to spell LLOYED correctly?

If you are looking for the correct spelling of "lloyed", it is likely a misspelling of the word "loyed". However, if you intended to write "Lloyd", that is a common name. Alternatively, "ployed" could be another suitable option, meaning engaged or involved in a particular activity.

List of suggestions on how to spell lloyed correctly

  • Allayed The medicine allayed her headache and she was able to get some rest.
  • alloyed
  • Cloyed After eating too much candy, I am cloyed and feel sick.
  • Flayed The butcher flayed the skin off the animal.
  • Joyed I joyed in the simple pleasures of life such as a good book and a warm cup of tea.
  • lloyd Lloyd is a common English given name originated from the Welsh word llwyd, which means "gray" or "brown".
  • lobed The leaves of the maple tree are lobed, with deep indentations between the lobes.
  • Loped The horse loped across the meadow.
  • loved I loved spending time with my family during the holidays.
  • Lowed
  • Loyd I do not have any contextual information about a " Loyd" and cannot provide a sentence without more details.
  • played
  • slayed She slayed her performance on stage and received a standing ovation from the audience.
  • toyed We toyed with the idea of going out to dinner, but in the end we opted for beers instead.

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