How to spell LLYSF correctly?

We think the word llysf is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell llysf correctly

  • laos The weather in Laos can be quite unpredictable.
  • lass
  • lassa I can't believe I missed this! Lassa fever has beenlinked to 13 deaths in the past few years.
  • lasso
  • last I'm leaving for work, but I'll be back later - I have to go to the bank, the post office,
  • laws
  • layoff
  • leaf I left my flowery leaf at home.
  • lease
  • least
  • lees She read through the manuscript one more time before sending it back.
  • less This dress is less than half price.
  • lest I would rather not do it, but I will if you must.
  • lief
  • lisp
  • list
  • loaf I love to bake bread, it's my favorite way to spend an afternoon.
  • loos I forgot to lock the door to the fridge.
  • loose I'm currently feeling a bit too loose for my own good.
  • lose
  • loss My laptop was stolen during the robbery.
  • lost I accidentally lost my phone in the crowd.
  • louse
  • lousy The party was a total low blow, all she wanted was to spend some time with her boys and get some lousy pizza,
  • lsd I took an LSD trip last night and it was a blast!
  • luff My dress is luffing.
  • lust
  • lysol
  • Lars Lars was always a great big brother to me.
  • Les I Les am delighted to meet you.
  • NSF
  • Leif The troll made a Leifwood out of logs.
  • Luis Luis is the best baseball coach that the school has ever had.
  • Lisa
  • Lois Clark told Lois he only hadeight days to find another job.
  • Luisa
  • Leos A group of leopards watched the prey as it came into view.
  • Lesa Her eyes were as green as Lesa's garden.
  • lays Peter lay down for a nap.
  • lies I can't believe she'd tell me a lie.
  • LS My LS isba does not have a radio.
  • SF She found a SF novel on the aisle.
  • FSF The FSF (Free Software Foundation) is dedicated to the protection of freedom in software.
  • LEIS I can't believe you left your keys in the locker - let's go get them together.
  • LASE I need to laser the area.
  • LAVS LAVS stands for " Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
  • LEAS
  • LOWS I'm going to go low on the fries.
  • LUVS

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  • senator
  • seneca
  • senior
  • seniors
  • senor
  • senora
  • senors
  • sensor
  • snog
  • succor