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How to spell LMADE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "lmade" instead of the intended word, there are a couple of correct alternatives to consider. One option could be "made", which correctly depicts the act of creating something. Additionally, "lame" is a possible alternative, signifying something that is weak or ineffective.

List of suggestions on how to spell lmade correctly

  • lad The lad was thrilled to receive a brand new bicycle for his birthday.
  • lade She used a bucket to lade water from the river.
  • laded The truck was heavily laded with boxes of goods.
  • lady The lady asked the waiter for the menu.
  • lame She couldn't walk properly because her ankle was lame.
  • late
  • lead The tour guide will lead the group through the historic city center.
  • leader The CEO of the company was considered a great leader by his employees.
  • limeade I quenched my thirst with a refreshing glass of limeade on a hot summer day.
  • load I am struggling to carry this heavy load of groceries up the stairs.
  • loader The loader was able to move the heavy equipment without any problems.
  • lode The lode ran nearly perpendicular to the vein.
  • mad He was so mad he threw her across the room.
  • made He made up a story to try to make her feel better.
  • mate I'm looking for a mate to play tennis with next weekend.
  • Maude Maude wasn't sure what to make of the invitation.
  • meade
  • mode

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