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How to spell LNDER correctly?

If "lnder" is misspelled, some possible correct suggestions could be "lander", "finder" or "winder". However, the correct spelling would depend on the context in which the word is being used. It may be helpful to double-check any relevant references or spell-check tools to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell lnder correctly

  • blander The dish could use a bit more spice because it tastes a bit blander than I had hoped.
  • blender I need to blend the paint in the blender.
  • blinder The blinder on the horse's eye prevented it from getting distracted and helped it focus on the race.
  • blonder I went to the grocery store with my Blonder friend.
  • blunder I made a huge blunder when I forgot to bring my gym clothes.
  • ladder
  • lade I bought a gasoline can to refill my diesel lade.
  • laden The truck was heavily laden with furniture for the new showroom.
  • landed She landed an amazing job offer.
  • lander The lunar lander touched down gently on the surface of the moon.
  • larder I always keep a good supply of larder items in my kitchen.
  • lauder Estee Lauder is a famous cosmetic brand.
  • launder After we finished our washing, we had to launder our clothes.
  • leader The leader of the basketball team is an inspiring role model for his teammates.
  • leander Leander was a hero of Greek mythology, known for his tragic love story with the priestess Hero.
  • lender I borrowed money from my lender.
  • lenders Lenders often offer lower interest rates, which can make refinancing a more affordable option.
  • Lieder The music festival featured performances of classical Lieder.
  • linden I went for a walk in the park near my house, and I was impressed by the dozen or so linden trees
  • liner I need to purchase a new shower liner for my bathroom.
  • linger I want to linger here for a while.
  • loader The loader carried heavy sacks of cement to the construction site.
  • lode The miners struck a rich lode of gold deep within the mountain.
  • loner He was always a loner at school, preferring to sit alone and read rather than socialize with his peers.
  • louder I was shouting louder to be heard over the noise.
  • Nader Former U.S. presidential candidate and environmental activist Ralph Nader.
  • plunder The invaders were determined to plunder the village of all its riches.
  • slander It's important to avoid making false statements about someone that could be considered slander.
  • slender The ballerina had a slender figure and gracefully danced across the stage.
  • under The cat likes to hide under the couch.

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